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I used HACKS on a minecraft server so you don’t have to
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32 Replies to “I used HACKS on a minecraft server so you don't have to”

  1. Uh… it's probably a good idea to scan for viruses.

    As far as Blink goes, it uses lag to give you an advantage (I know it sounds counter-intuitive). Basically, you use blink, move, and turn it off. Then, you teleport (of course, you pushed it way too far, so it didn't teleport you too far). The way it works is it stops sending packets while blink is on, then it sends them all at once. Now, according to the server, you WERE moving there, but there was an issue with your connection or there was lag so it compensates by teleporting you there.

  2. I got kicked and banned from a server, and I think trolled, because it looked like I was using what I guess is jet pack and u thought was lag but every time I was at the spawn spawn I would have to go through a portal and It was a long way away but, and I swear to God I was not hacking, I would jump forward, like, A LOT, and from watching this video, and your others, it would look like I was using jet pack and one day I did the jumpy thing, all I did was press space twice quickly, then I would be lagged, I think tp ed, back to the spawn point and was kicked and then banned…it was BS, I liked that server, but they obviously aren't good enough to play on if they can't actually ban the right ppl, life sucks sometimes, luv your vids, keep it up…

  3. TY for this. I have only used a mini map and resource skins, so some of the terms you use in your hacking videos didn’t make sense. Now a lot of it does

  4. Use impact client ore future client but future client is $20 impact is free and impact has auto mine
    And is better but future client has entity speed hope this help I play on bedrock so I will never hack on your server

  5. Blink makes you teleport to position you are at when you disable it but its not working on long ranges its good against bow etc also wurst only disables movement packets try impact client its alot better

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