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Important updates about Natalia Grace Barnett who recently appeared on the Dr Phil show. Things seem to be pointing to the Barnett’s withholding the truth ☕
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41 Replies to “Important Updates About Natalia Grace Barnett (Dr Phil Has Questions)”

  1. So, people seem to think a young kids can not live on their own. Even Dr Phill says he doesn't think kids can live alone. I'm here to tell you he is wrong. As a foster parent I'm here to say yes it can happen. I had a foster child come to me in her case history it said that the child was left for 4 to 6 week alone with 3 younger siblings she was 7.5 years old. She went to a neighbor and said there was know food and mom was gone when CPS got to the home the place was a mess. There was evidence that the children were alone 4 to 6 week. If she did not have sibings she could have been there longer. When I got her she was 10 she looked 16 and acted 30. I had to remind her that I was the mom and she was the kid and that I would take care of her and the others. So was so adult ish that when we gave her toys she asked what she was supposed to do with them.we told her she could just play with then. She began to cry and said she didn't know how. I hate people who take kids just to show them off and I believe thats what the Barnetts did. They kept her and when thier biological son was excepted into college in another country they dumped the little girl because she had physical health issues. Also she needed surgerys and probably couldn't get authorization from Canada or they didn't even try to because now she became to much work. I don't care what issues they have if you adopt a child they are yours you don't just get rid of them.

  2. What's really mind blowing is looking at the Big picture. Think about it the Barnett made up horrible lies that clearly dont make since because lies just dont which means abuse they Abused her by neglect and tried to get her to live the lies they wanted her to. Abandoned her. Talked all kinds of things humiliated her blocked her from being adopted. From having a family and surgeries she needs to just survive. That's abuse. So EVERYONE who sides with the Barnetts IS part of the abuse! Its like Kristine saying to her "NO body is gonna believe YOU" Children believe that because look its true!😔😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. I've said it from the beginning that the brunettes are liars. I'm also very intuitive and I read people's Ora's. The father in particular, something about him I don't like. He has a very dark soul and I feel like he's abused people before.

  4. New sub, thanks for having me. Look after yourself first and foremost. Mental health is important. Sending positive vibes and best wishes.

  5. I know what you’re going through. It’s like a withdrawal you mentioned necessary endings the book to me and I listened to it. The rose bush analogy is perfect. Sometimes you meet the right person at your lowest moment. Don’t feel bad Rep for not uploading. I hit a wall the other day and if you keep running for so long you can be running so fast you hit a wall

  6. Many types of dwarfism intertwine. As does deformities. For example my son is missing an ear. Some doctors diagnose it as microtia and some diagnoses say microsomia. Either way the the label may vary slightly but ultimately it's the same. I'm more inclined to believe a specialist of endocrinology. Especially if they specialize in bone density of dwarfism. They are trying to split hairs.
    The fact remains that the letter they received that they state proves natalia is an adult is significantly flawed and should have been dismissed. It came from mr. Barnett's primary care doctor. A primary care doctor is not within his scope of practice determining age via bone density. Especially of someone with dwarfism. I can poke holes through all the Barnett's evidence. I can't wait for the trial to begin. I am hoping that justice will prevail. They will be found guilty. Then I hope they go after that primary care doctor for malpractice. He can be the Barnett's cell mate. I'm telling you this a a medical professional that has worked extensively in mental illness and child and adult psychology. After researching both sides the Barnett's are guilty. Natalia is a child. She may not have been 8. She could have been 11. It's an approximation. But a child nonetheless. She could have very well been violent and a burden. But in that is what you sign up for when adopting or fostering. Either way there are channels you must go through to legally give up guardianship. To this day the Barnett's will not give up guardianship so natalia can be legally adopted or ethically examined for age determining.

  7. I was answering a reply to post and suddenly something occurred to me. Does it strike anyone else as the slightest bit odd that in order for Natalia to be considered truthful, an overwhelming percentage of everybody else connected to the case has to be "lying"? The Barnetts are liars, the Ciccones are lying about Natalia trying to break their son's arm, the Ukrainian woman whom Natalia could not understand is a liar, as are (oh God, let me think) one general doctor, one or more doctors who DXd Natalia with psychosis and sociopathy in the mental hospital, two judges (!), and now a school friend plus two different schools?

    What on earth are the odds that ALL of these families, friends, medical professionals, legal professionals and education institutions are…just lying?

    And what on earth is the motive for many of them? Nobody really stands to make any money except for the Manns for having cared for Natalia.

  8. I don’t believe all of the details mainly because of her education. Allegedly she passed all the tests for the adult school. I don’t believe that she would be able to pass all of the tests if she was 8. For me this is very telling. I feel that Natalia is between 17 and 20 years old. I feel this because of her level of vocabulary. An 8 year old rarely shows such an advance level of vocabulary that the Barnetts are alleging she was showing. I need more evidence

  9. It blows my mind that people don't realize that scammers come in all shapes Barnett are about money proof? Go fund me account who has one? Gee i wonder

  10. What happened to her threatening the adoptive parents lives and joking about poisoning them? Why did you leave out all the details you made in the first video about them putting her on disability and food stamps and getting her in an apt before they left for Canada? And the little pink dress and tricycle found in that apt when she was gone? Watch your first video on this again then watch this one it's confusing af.

  11. Breakup stuff is NOT easy. My first serious relationship ending was a monumental turning point in my life that I’m blessed I survived mentally. Take your time, keep busy, add new things to your daily cycle, but take care of you first! I, the Rep Squad, and the next lucky AF girl will all be there. 💕

  12. Don't feel guilty for putting yourself first, take as much time as you need I'll always support you. I love your content. 🙂

  13. Hang in there Shane, I'm sorry you're hurting right now, but time will heal heart ache. So please take as much of it as you need. Don't feel bad for not uploading, we want you to be happy. We'll still be here for you when you come back. Just know your fans love you!

  14. She was probably older than 8 but younger than 22 when they left her. The sketchy way she was shuffled around then the way the adoption by the Barnett's was so rushed makes me have no faith in the original birth certificate. No DNA from supposed mom yet? Nope,don't believe her either. My guess is she was roughly 12-14 when they abandoned her and she is now 20-22.

  15. When I was in 8th grade I was in a mental hospital in indiana she she was there. During group therapies she bragged about trying to kill her mom. She talked about putting knives in the couch in hopes that her mom would sit on them and she put windex in her coffee. This girl is a psychopath and she’s a liar! Before i left she was sent to a 6 month program for being homicidal.

  16. What is the benefit for Natalia if she is scamming these people? She probably already gets disability and insurance so what is her motive for what the Barnett's are saying? If there is no real benefit then are we all saying she is doing this for fun?

  17. Hey, I've been leaving you comments today even before I saw this video. You have helped me when I've been depressed. I know you work really hard and you are SO appreciated. Take the time you need, snuggle with Greg 😉

  18. I had my divorce this year. 8 years with the guy. 4 years married and a 3.5 year old. You’ll make it thru. It’s best to cut ties when theirs something left, like a friendship then have something drag on and hate each other and fight and argue. Trust me.

  19. Rep….this story is not unusual , there have been cases where adoptive parents have attempted or managed to separate themselves from foreign adoptive children who had physical or mental issues. Some of the ones where the child went in to display lack of empathy and real behavior problems are especially troublesome….and my empathy with the end.of your relationship. You sound like you'll be OK through. Very adult manner in dealing with it…

  20. I don't know why, but I just don't believe that she was a child when abandoned. She doesn't look like a teen in the DrP show, she looks like a 20+ yo woman. Plus there was nobody raising any flags when she clearly wouldn't have been able to complete assignments/work in school suited for someone much older? Nope. Sorry. Not buying it.

  21. Stay strong and no need for apologizing when you need to take time for yourself. Glad you posted more about this story.

  22. Going through a break up myself (2 year relationship) so I can relate to you. 5 months later and I can't focus on anything much. I'm in a much better place now though. You just need time to heal and lots of people around you and other things to focus on. We're all here to support you Rep. <3

  23. I don't know what to think but the doctor says he only suggests his opinion. He wasn't able to give a correct diagnosis. Which I would say is when you need to see a different specialist to get closer to a diagnosis.

  24. It's good that you take time to focus on your mental health! (Great analogy with the rose bush) Take the time you need -I'm a fan, I ain't going nowhere man 🙂

  25. Hi man,i'm just wondering what kind of accent you have? It sounds like standard American, for the most part i suppose but there is also a lot of hints of a southern dialect and even Australian sometimes? I'm just very curious

  26. I'm curious if the doctor convinced the Barnett's and they trusted the doctor and believed him. I think the doctor definitely needs to be investigated.

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