29 Replies to “James O'Connor Perfect Game”

  1. god damn, that cohort of beale, oconnor, cooper, pocock genia shouldve been the basis of one of the greatest teams ever

  2. James Oconnor is simply amazing. He'll always be the best player to play for Australia. Needs to sort out his drunken attics and Justin beiber looks.

  3. He was such an incredible player, when he was younger. His arrogance is certainly taking its toll and now he is a very avarage player.

  4. What a huge talent. Such a shame that he was such a complete prat and just seemed incapable or unwilling to change. Now as we enter the 2015 RWC and the team has been announced, it looks as though his amazing talent will not been seen in a Wallaby jersey in England.

  5. 2011 truly was the year for australian rugby and sport in general. The wallabies have got so much work to do to be back in this position again and i dont even know if they can. hopefulley even sets em straight

  6. He made his Super15 debut at 17 years of age and international debut with the Wallabies at only 18 years of age. Played his first world cup at 21 years of age and was probably one of the most composed players in the whole team among some experienced players in there

  7. what the! He hasn't done anything special here. Just a winger doing his job. Quade Cooper played better in this game. Aussie bang O'Connor's drum a bit too much

  8. and his parents were southafrican born, he was born in australia, he could have been a great player for any 3 of the trinations teams

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