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Today I review the NEW Jimmy John’s® sub! The Frenchie!
French bread is the headliner at Jimmy John’s® as the sandwich chain introduces the new Frenchie sandwich at participating locations.
Inspired by France, the Frenchie features all-natural salami and capicola, hand-sliced provolone and salted butter on a baguette.
Just be aware that participating locations are only offering the Frenchie in limited numbers each day. I’m assuming this is related to the short shelf life of the baguette, which has a tendency to go stale quite quickly compared to other breads.
My local Jimmy John’s is selling the 760 calorie Frenchie for $3.99, although prices may vary by location.
Do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.
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28 Replies to “Jimmy John's® | The Frenchie Review! 🥖😍”

  1. Just as an fyi some frenchies are made fresh to order, depends on how many orders we've had that day. It starts as a 26 inch baguette and if someone orders one we make the full sandwich and cut it in half, put the other half wrapped in our frenchie bin. So it's 13 inches not 8. So for instance the other day I delivered 5 frenchies, the 6th went into the bin as a pre-made. I can attest to limited availability though, today we only had enough frenchie bread to make 4 frenchies by 1pm, and from what I heard they're going away soon too.

  2. Another great review, Jersey Mikes is by far the best IMO, for me i'm going with the #9 or 99, Mike's way on the #9 with no tomato & added banana peppers, Jimmy Johns is also amazing, their bread is definitely my favorite, here's an idea how about a review with a Jersey Mikes sub on delicious Jimmy Johns bread, hmmm, not saying I don't love Jersey Mike's bread, just something about JJ'S, have you tried Penn Station they round off my top 3…,,,loved Quizno's and Blimpie back in the day but they have pretty much disappeared..and yeah that other sub shop doesn't even deserve to be mentioned.

  3. Typical man. Can't distinguish between 8 inches, ad he states, and reality which is 13 INCHES!!! He's probably been telling women for years that he has 8 inches when, in reality, it's 2 inches.

  4. I don't understand why call it Frenchie it's with salami capicolla and provolone and to me as an Italian this sounds more like a fancy Italian sandwich on a baguette … I did express my opinion to Jimmy John's … I am sure is pretty good …

  5. 1. Jersey Mikes
    2. Jimmy johns
    3. Which wich
    4. Subway
    Never tried firehouse but from the sound of it I should. Where I live we also have this other place called Cheba Hut that makes great subs.

  6. My favorite Sub shop is Cousins-then Firehouse Subs. I haven't been to Jersey Mike's yet-the one time I tried the line was really long and after 10 minutes I had to leave to catch my bus. But just received a sheet of Jersey Mike coupons today so will finally try them.

  7. We make 6 brand new sticks every 3 hours or so. Just for freshness, they don’t really expire until a day or two. They are supposed to be 13 inches long not 8. And the exact ingredients are our delicious French bread, 1 tablespoon of salted butter, 1 portion of salami and capicola (about 64 grams when all together) and provolone cheese (about 32-35 grams) PICK THEM UP AT YOUR LOCAL JIMMY JOHNS WITH SOME KICKIN RANCH!! My favorite combo especially when I’m driving somewhere far and I want a good snack while driving.

  8. I'm happy JJ's is finally coming out with some new stuff. When I worked there from 2015 to 2017, they really came out with nothing new at all. I hope they keep rolling out some new things, because I love JJ's!

  9. i tried it and love it…its a good refreshing not too heavy snack i could see anyone having before work or during lunch break. so you dont feel too full which can suck. The butter with the french bread is fucking delicious too.

  10. growing up and living in a city that has corner variety stores / sub shops, it's hard to appreciate franchise food…. but at least JJ's is fast clean and consistent. It's one of my first choices if I travel out of town.

  11. 1. Firehouse
    2. Quiznos
    3. Which Wich
    4. Jimmy John's
    Never been to Jersey Mike's. Here in the Buffalo area, we no longer have Quiznos but Firehouse came in a few years ago and more than made up for that. The only Which Wich we have is in the airport. We also have DiBellas and Wegmans which top all the others IMO. Not to mention all the pizzerias that have excellent subs. The only reason to go to Subway is if you have no other option close by.

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