6 Replies to “Job interviews and IBD | Crohn’s and Colitis Uk Companion”

  1. Like the intro mate! also cutting between the multiple cameras is a nice touch, it keeps the video moving. I'm a little behind on your videos so im going to watch your 2 part vlog now.

  2. What did you use to put the phone screen in video? I've done a few app reviews and would love to show them in the video

  3. I’m so proud of you man! It’s been 11 months since I had my surgery and it took me more than a year to decide to let go and accept it over medication. Didn’t have much of a choice but I was still stubborn, Your videos helped me so much!

    I went from someone who was literally disabled, under a defacto house arrest, and unable to eat, to someone who has gone surfing, hunting, hiking up mountains, going on road trips, traveling and loving life! you and a few other Youtubers really spoke to me as a young man because I could see that it could be okay. My respect and best wishes from Canada!

  4. Great video and very helpful for people in a similar situation. Just shared it on the colostomy UK support group on facebook. Hope thats ok.

  5. Dude you are an inspiration! I had no idea it was possible to bench press that much weight with an ostomy bag. Do you wear some sort of support belt when working out to avoid hernia's?

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