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A must watch for Wick fans, hardcore action lovers in general and a damn good time for everybody else.

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39 Replies to “John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum Review | Escape to the Movies”

  1. Your number scores don't seem match your qualitative assessment. 7/10 means it's so good that it's a must watch for people who like the action genre? Would you want someone who scored 70% to perform surgery on you, or represent you in a legal battle for your very freedom or livelihood? Must watch = top notch. And top notch should be 90% or higher. Decent is 80 or higher. Less than 80 is varying degrees of ok, meh, trash, and dumpster fire.

  2. I like to call the opening knife fight scene: "Making pincushions with John Wick"

    There's also an absurd amount of crotch damage throughout the movie. It's hilariously ridiculous.

  3. I fanboyed when It had a few matrix references where he shot bullets in the jacuzzi and the bullets went in slow motion while they held their position lol, then game of death while he fought a more difficult opponent on each floor of the building. Had call of duty references where each wave got more and more difficult too

  4. I've seen the film now, but I still can't figure out what movie Bob meant about Mark ducascos's "specialty." Anyone?

  5. I enjoyed the film but I didn't love it. I thought that at times the fights were a bit repetitive to sit through 2 hours and 10 minutes (yes I understand that's the point but i thought it was too much). Apart from that I thought it was good

  6. I had the pleasure of seeing JW3 in a sold-out theater on opening night and everyone was 100% there to see Keanu fuck people up! The whole crowd had a fucking blast!

  7. Movie started off really strong and I liked where it was headed and then the plot just dropped off in the second half of the movie. Action sequences were great throughout but lacked substance toward the end. The potential was great, but no follow through. I say 6.2 out of 10.

  8. Easily a 8.5/10. Fantastic action done by the actors, incredible cinematography, and great direction that keeps the audience visually intoxicated.

  9. Ok why the hell is it taking me 3 channel surfs just to find a proper moviebob review? This is worse than a pre-order spreadsheet.

  10. i mean the Motorcycle Katana fight is taken stright from the Vileness a Korean action film and the Korean film i would argue did it better

  11. The Arbitrator was my favorite. The instant she walks into a room, she owns it. The sheer power she exercises with just a look. She carries that coin for identification but you know she's in charge.

  12. Keanu Reeves seems like a nice good hearted guy… I can not stand him. He can't act. He can't even remotely act. I wish him well in his motorcycle business, but dear God would I be so very happy to never see him in another movie ever again… Aside from Bill and Ted 3.

    He could probably be a great stunt man though.

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