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Mark Kermode reviews John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. After killing a member of the international assassins’ guild, John Wick has a $14 million bounty on his head – and every assassin, everywhere out to kill him.

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48 Replies to “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum reviewed by Mark Kermode”

  1. This film was so tiresome
    It is shot beautifully but there is no tension, thrill or character empathy – the unnecessary humour also takes the edge off it and the plot is poor
    Damn shame…

  2. John Wick 3 is utterly rubbish. I was a hardcore fan of the previous installments, but this film is basically a cash grab for what has become a cash cow franchise, which is a world away from where it started from.

    Only brain dead zombies will enjoy this sequal. It's as bad as it gets.

  3. John wick 1 had the best martial arts sequences, because they were using proper judo and bjj techniques (albeit highly stylised). Part 2 and 3 seem to have gone with unrealistic aikido style arm throws.

  4. It's not a patch on Chapter 1. John Wick worked so well because even his name was enough to provoke fear in anyone who knew who he was. By Chapter 3 even Halle Berry can do what John Wick does and just as well as him. John is supposed to be the very best, the one that no-one wants to meet. But now every Joe Assassin lines up to get killed by him. This film ruins the John Wick mystique somewhat.

  5. Mark mentions the Raid a couple of times in relation to the kinaesthetics of the fight scenes, and of course the "ninjas" in JW3 are familiar faces from that film: Personally my favourite shout out was to Eli Wallace in "The good, the Bad and the Ugly"… where John is carefully calibrating his six-shooter by listening to the click-click of the barrel rotating…

  6. It's interesting that the Balletic choreography is viewed as a positive in this review whereas for me, one of the negatives was being able to see the choregraphy more in this chapter than the other two.
    I also thought that the "gags" aeemed to remove the stakes and tension in the action, particularly in the third act.

  7. It was good but not great. I preferred the first film. Also preferred the Raid movies for the martial arts – this had some, but the constant bullet to the head/neck kills quickly become boring.
    Ending was ridiculous and shows there were no consequences after all.

  8. A couple of things come to mind. When ultra-violence is scene as nothing but slapstick comedy have we become desensitized to onscreen violence?
    If an entire film is basically nothing but action set piece after set piece then what happens to story and character development? Do we care?
    In each installment of the franchise, where the action get ratcheted up above the previous once, do you eventually reach a ceiling? A perfect example would be Robert Rodriguez – He goes from a crotch revolver to Double D Machine Guns to a fully automatic prosthetic leg. Where does he go from there? What's next? A flame thrower out the ass?

  9. The best John Wick ever was promised but not delivered. This movie is a disappointing addition to the John Wick Franchise. I hope the writers do better with number 4.

  10. I was hoping for a conclusive trilogy and was a bit disappointed with the ending pushing yet another sequel this franchise just doesn't need.

  11. People in the comments keep saying about the script,thing is you dont need one…john has a bounty on his head and is just trying to survive and escape…its an action movie,and a good one at that.No need for an indepth story line,if you have seen 1 and 2 then you know what is happening and what John has to do.

  12. John Wick 3 is awesome, helped by having Raid performers in there (Mad Dog etc). Incidentally, if you’ve not seen Raid 1 and 2, go watch now – the end fight between Mad Dog and the two brothers in Raid 1 is mind-bending and one of the finest fight sequences ever committed to film.

  13. Saw it this afternoon. Have to say, not as good as 1 or 2. Ridiculous reveal in the desert and the attempt to add black humor falls flat. Also the adjudicator chick was not believable AT ALL. Still worth going to see as a JW fan, but disappointed unfortunately. Was really looking forward to this one. Just my take on it

  14. Awesome film. Saw it on Wednesday. More of the same but probably/possibly the best yet. Over the top, far fetched, super violent, stylish, horse and motorbike chasing, tons of guns, shitloads of knives, amazing choreography, amazing fights, brilliant film!

  15. Can't believe kermode didn't reference the comparison of the glass room scene to that in the hall of mirrors in enter the dragon

  16. Can someone who's seen this tell me if there is any nudity to see who and who not to bring along to the theater? Thx 🙂

  17. yes, there are amazing fighting scenes in different settings, one after the other but towards the end I was like, just get on with it, the movie suprised me tho and in a good way, I think 7/10 it's right

  18. I loved JW3. Halle Berry and her dogs were amazing. The armoured enemies at the end. Boss fight genius. When John didn’t kill the brothers at the end, fantastic. It was a weak ending, but definitely a good setup for the fourth film and upcoming tv series.

  19. The Belgian malinois made me cry like a baby laughing the film really is that good from the basketball player at the beginning they really have got this movie nailed

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