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KC Nwosu reviews John Wick Hex, developed by Bithell Games.
John Wick Hex on Epic Game Store:
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38 Replies to “John Wick Hex | Review in 3 Minutes”

  1. This isn't what people had in mind when they wanted a John Wick video game. Slow and methodical is the opposite of what we expect from John Wick.

  2. Well, not something I'm truly excited for, but Bithell is fantastic, so will happily pick this up once it's on Steam. Hopefully it'll be a bit less janky at that point. Didn't know it existed 'til now. Neat. Cheers.

  3. Damn. I started out super excited, by the end I was at about 40% excitement, and the last sentence brought me to 0%.

  4. "The stilted animations and jerky camera cuts make this 'assassin' look like a robot, fumbling his way through a gunfight."

    Sounds like the game nailed it.

  5. I pre-order it for like 6 euros when they had the big Epic sale back in May. Yeah, it seem this game came out too soon. I loved Volume from Mike Bithell.

  6. Looks more like a game developed for iOS and Android. Kinda like most other hex games. It's a fan cash grab, didn't expect much but for a PC game straight up disappointed.

    That's also a pretty bold statement saying that every game with a freezing time feature or paranomal actions is now Super Hot. But what do you expect from the gaming press calling everything Dark Souls even stuff which isn't and pretending now that there is a whole new genre of so called Souls like games.

    When we just used to and still call them hard games also their not all Souls games implying a game with a high difficulty curve is now an indirect Dark Souls clone. Kinda just had to get that out there, that's bad journalism and just plain wrong.

    After starting to look beyond the mechanics of lots of games a lot of games have these features/actions in common and been there for decades. The interesting UX design choice was here instead of adding a action event menu a timeline instead visualizing the upcoming combat this has absolute 0 to do with Super Hot where as through your inputs you control the scale of time big differnce in those two.

    Here I click a preset of options and am reminded off that I'm supposed to apply strategy and logic where needed. In Super Hot it's spot on main feature of the game being able to control time in John Wick Hex you only are affected by time.

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