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In today’s episode, it’s the last of the traditional Mega Man X line-up! Mega Man X8 yearns to return back to what worked previously, but does it end up succeeding, or does it score the Turkey in flops? Let’s find out!

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24 Replies to “Johnny vs. Mega Man X8”

  1. "[Zero 's] been playable for years, and he doesn't get a spot here."

    Laughs in Megaman Zero/ZX Collection

    Yeah, not the same thing I know, but maybe it was subtle foreshadowing to his collection.

  2. 16:34 that was not rookie hunter mode you got extremely lucky I have had the collections for almost a year now and always played on rookie hunter mode and the enigma cannon only worked once

  3. I'm still hoping that one of these days we''ll get that Metroid Prime inspired FPS in Mega Man X series that Capcom canceled, just like so many other Mega Man projects.

  4. 5:36–5:46 Johnny talks about reploid boobs. (My old comment got removed as well as my 1st account entirely. Thanks a lot Google.)

  5. Honestly, now that you bring up not many humans appearing in X games, I now want a Mega Man X game featuring some humans rebelling against all of Reploid-kind, they act kinda like the Emerald Spears from the Archie Comics only to a bigger extreme as they blame X and all of the Reploids both Maverick and Hunter for all of the Humanity's suffering.

  6. The series' plot could have been made much better just by one change: in X4, when X or Zero tells Colonel that he and the rest of Repliforce will be branded as mavericks, you could make the plot so much more interesting with one line from Colonel "And you assume that they haven't already?" Boom. Instantly fleshes out so much more.

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