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  1. That's Seriously Long tips for a Strong AD champ jezz i use xin zhao for ranked,and jungle and sometime i full AD him or full AD tank him and if you wana master Xin Zhao just play he over and over again and you probbly do it much better than this tips and you got to find his combo move for me its 2nd 1st 3rd then SS this work for me when i first time play xin zhao when i was lvl 15 now my xin zhao is a lvl 7 one.

  2. get up crit damage, then q and w do so much damage – even late game. If you can also get his health up then he is great to play, especially if the enemy makes mistakes as mentioned

  3. I was hoping to watch u play from start to finish watching what u do inside the jungle . not watch random clips from a game and listen to u talk about rubish

  4. I guarantee you those xin clips being shown in this video did not build anything close to the first build he explained. Xin isn't a full tank jungle.

  5. i reached the climbing ladder so fast with xin and that gave me so much experience! but i made a little changes and i think that xin needs more att spd!!
    Reds:Att spd
    Yellow: 5 hp/lvl 4 armor
    Blue :cdr/lvl
    Quins:Att spd
    Masteries: 18/12 with fervor( if you got at least tank top or off tank+tank supp)
    12/0/18 with with ages +swiftness+insight+mercury treads you got so much tenacity( for no tank on team)
    For abrutal force Xin Zhao and 1v5 (when i got engagers) i build devourer,guinshoos,boots of swiftness,BORK/GUNBLADE*,TITANIC and yommus
    For tank Xin Zhao devourer guinshoos mercury and dead mans plate,omment,thornmail (vs ad) or visage banshees and maw..
    I prefer devourer guinshoos mr/swiftness(depends enemy cc)dead mans plate visage and titanic..
    Thats what i play!! if you wan to tell me your experience feel free to let a comment!!

  6. i also do hydra and draken…. and ofc the bow i forget the name of it it's to hit well enemies with high HP like garen and mundo in late game

  7. I feel as though this is the bar to aim for when asking a pro to make a guide. It may be long but amazing actually gives a ton of advice like what and what not to do, situational builds or examples, why he choose what he choose and all that.

  8. Guide is pretty weak due to:
    1) In first mastery three second keystone is MADE for xin, probably u will struggle from lower health because you dont get mastery keystone in this guide for 300hp. But 300 hp instead of 80AD is nothing+75% crit on third attack.
    2) For champion which mechanics tell us that he is AA user, taking cinderhulk instead of devourer is stupid. Sometimes u just dont have time for a third attack to knockup where devourer helps after sating it. Also even in video EACH xin have devourer+guinso.
    I dont like guinso but i build it sometimes.
    As xin all u need – devourer, because it gives TOO MUCH for him: AS+bonus dmg (makes him stronger with late game comming) 2 aa instead of 3 to knock up and crit+ heal from W, means more sustain and more dmg. Sometimes another ad item (it will be second) like blackcleaver if you have ad team, or quinso if they have squishy team or you need more splitpush power, etc lots of choices, and other items for defense like omen, GA, etc.
    This guide maybe good for LCS where everyone are playing together and dmging xin isnt a must, but in solo queue full tank xin – like shitting on your own face. just dont.

  9. y all in in resolve isn't bad and the tankiness helps late game which isnt has specialty… y not not go cunning with lightning and gamble for early game?

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