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The way this episode ended left us in awe the same way the characters were feeling. So inspired by what was just made and where the future can go from here.
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11 Replies to “Let There Be Light – Dr. Stone Episode 9 Review”

  1. Definitely agree with everything you said! Gen seems like a super interesting character and a great addition to the cast.
    And of course Senku keeps being awesome!

  2. I had the biggest smile on my face when senku was talking about conquering the night. That scene was so amazing and inspiring I actually teared up.
    Also second best boy (after senku lmao) is finally introduced! I can't wait to see more of him and his voice actor completely nailed gen's character imo

  3. Gen is amazing. I've always been fascinated by characters that don't have any policy and are ready to switch sides for their own gain. And Gen is a great example of this.
    I forgot how beautiful the "light bulb" scene was. In our modern world we take lights illuminating the night for granted, but it's actually one of the greatest achievements of humanity. And this scene really captures this.

  4. I liked when you said the thing about comparing this to real life. That always drives me crazy!! I watch anime to ESCAPE reality, it only needs to make sense in the terms of the universe, not real world! I wonder what Tsukasa will do when he eventually finds out that he's not dead. I'm nervous lol

  5. Gen is awesome and his voice actor is nailing it. It matched the voice I had while reading. He adds a unique element to the series.

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