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I react to and review the new Lil Keed project, “Long Live Mexico”. Although it would be easy to write Keed off as just another Young Thug clone, if you listen a little closer to his music it’s clear that he is moving in an interesting and fairly unique, yet still Thug-inspired direction. I really enjoy tracks from him like “Fetish (Remix)”, “Water by G”, and “Runnin Bands”, and I think they show that he has a lot of promise. Let’s see if the same is demonstrated on this new project.

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I rated this project a 7/10.


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31 Replies to “Lil Keed – Long Live Mexico First REACTION/REVIEW”

  1. Great reaction man, just subbed. This album was heat the whole way through but Keed has so many one liners and good vocal moments that it’s super memorable and replay-able.

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