34 Replies to “LOST SPHEAR — 15 Minutes of NEW GAMEPLAY from the I Am Setsuna Follow-Up”

  1. It's a shallow redesign from chrono trigger with a heavy price tag. I could never get into this as chrono trigger tried to be better, while this game is trying to be worse. No thanks SE.

  2. no wonder why so much hate
    looks like a cheap mobile game trying to simulate chrono trigger but miserably fails

  3. I wouldn't mind giving this game a shot… but I mean $50?
    Bro, Monster Hunter World comes out in 2 days. Catch ya when you're $20 jrpg

  4. Maybe it would be more better if they put artworks and a little bit animations when player interact with the NPCs or doing specific actions. I like this gameplay very much but just need a little bit improvement, the music and anything are nice already.

  5. If only I am setsuna had nice character development and good story like ff games, grandia, lotd, lunar, CC, CT etc.. but it's so damn boring. And this looks like another boring game. I wish squaresoft didn't break up and made lots of rpg games for the switch.

  6. I played the demo on this game the gameplay on this game is so damn ugly, is not even that good, and the graphic of this game it looks like it came out from IPAD apps game FORGET THIS GAME I WILL NEVER BUY THIS GAME FOR $40.00

  7. This has so much potential they should make it have voice acting though and the towns need more people other the. That it looks amazing

  8. While I like the look of this game, the price tag feels unjustified. Alot is reused from I am Setsuna and It definately didn't cost them a huge amount to make. This is basically a nostalgia tax.

    I will get this when it reaches the reasonable price of £20.

  9. The intrusive popping up of speech bubble really does need fixing. It is annoying and jarring and can be made much better with a just a few tweaks.

  10. 5:00 game world looks like ps2 Wild Arms; 5:42 collect stuff, just like ps3 ni no kuni; 11:40 real time battles like secret of mana. The sum is worse than its parts, JOMO

  11. this game looks amazing. i love the leaves blowing thru the wind, adds so much life to a simple 2d-style presentation. good battle theme as well.

  12. i hope this game will be long enough to feel like that epic adventure, havent played setsuna but i heard it was pretty short

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