1. Its simple ….. if amber was white they wouldn't be treating her like this, its shocking, anyway, why are we surprised . Kmt

  2. I feel like it's cos Amber is mixed raced and a person of colour has influenced companies to go with molly mae who is societies definition of beauty (blonde and blue eyes)

  3. I’m convinced that Amber has deal with House of CB. She’s the only islander that’s been followed by them on insta.

  4. The hate for molly mae is stupid u guys are really taking the piss stop playing the race card in every situation Amber already said she’s out here making moves u lots sound ridiculous

  5. This boxed face cow….let’s be real risky and select have better quality…Amber don’t worry bigger doors will open for you!!!

  6. Well this isn’t her fault tf! That’s just how the brand works your saying Molly Mae has to reject such a good opportunity

  7. Amber is the most beautiful girl to win this year but let’s be real she is a woc she was never going to get more deals than the blonde white girl, again that’s not molly fault it’s the demographic in Uk. For example Amber would be successful in America and molly wouldn’t. Amber should probably play the long game it will be to her benefit in the long run. Plus Itv probably have a hand in why her deals have been coming in slow they never wanted her to win in the first place. Even if you’re a mixed race exceptionally beautiful woman it’s still going to be harder to get deals than let’s say an average looking molly and Maura. That’s the reality of it.

  8. You know what guys? I don't want POC modelling for ASOS, Boohoo, PLT. I don't want Amber or Yewande or Anna to get a fast fashion deal, Reformation collect your girls. They have a lot of influence and It's better for them to endorse brands that actually contribute to improving our world, where people aren't working in sweat shops getting an unlivable wage. I want them to have the goods.

  9. Pretty little thing lovessss Molly-Mae. In addition to other things, Molly-Mae has actually endorsed PLT before love island. It's on her youtube channel and if Molly-Mae comes back, oh PLT would use that tactic for appeal. Molly-Mae brings Money, despite Amber winning. it's a new take on the Money-Mae trope.

  10. As much as I love Amber she really needs to switch up her style/image, she is constantly in basic mini dresses which all look the same, she needs to switch it up and give us more because brands need something to work with

  11. This is the thing, People should think twice about where they decide to spend their Money…..

    And what Molly m asked/ agreed for when she was signed her contract….
    Just saying….
    Is it in the companies best interest to do this?…. you would of thought that the more of the ceb's or
    Cast members they use it would be better for that company…. offering to only one it's a smallish market…
    Ok , Molly is a vlogg with a large following… but still…

  12. Black peoples don’t have a seat at this influencer table or so it seems. Plt better start doing damage control or shit is gonna go off

  13. Hahahahahah so much for not being in the show for money, her true colours are starting to show because she only cared about wining and now that she didn’t win she had to make sure she get everyone back for not supporting her,,, Cuz everyone said amber and Greg should win. The girl is bittttter, infact more than bitter. If she really doesn’t want this whole PLT to be a big deal she would have stood up and said no it not fair I want everyone to get a chance. It’s not like other celebrities haven’t done plt deals at the same time as other celeb Colabs. I’ve seen Ashanti, Jordyn, Mai. And no one was blocked from anything, just because the girl doesn’t want anyone to do better than her or have a higher rating than her she is sitting back and enjoying the whole show. What a bitchy thing to do smh couldn’t be more disappointed 🙄

  14. One genuine question though, does winning the show guarantee anything asides winning the prize money? Is PLT the only brand? Are they not all signed up under talent agencies? Why is Molly being berated for this? Do we have all the facts? Was this a term or clause made aware to her prior? Smh… love Amber to bits but I’m not sure what this whole banter is geared to achieve

  15. Why can’t ASOS do a collaboration with Amber/yewande. That will deff help promote their brands and make them seem more accessible

  16. And now they're saying Amber has been replaced with Maura for Dancing on Ice.😡 Never watched dancing on ice in my life,but was definitely looking forward to watching and supporting Amber on it.
    'They' were so sure MollyMae was going to win, so all the deals/brands were lined up for yet another typical love island/towie blondie or brunette😴- As if we dont already have enough of those types represented😑. I honestly dont know why they even bother with the half hearted effort of adding diversity to these shows.

  17. We don’t know if she got 500k and I doubt it it was like 50k even Anthony Joshua does not get that from his endorsements the Media says 500k and y’all run with it lol

  18. Amber is a gorgeous girl and she'll probably receive an incredible offer that's suitable for her. Perhaps even Hollywood! especially with that beautiful smile that dazzled every single one of us! but Molly Mae, has fashion appeal and she's quick witted, so the clothing companies see an opportunity for an increase in sales, especially after the show. So chill everyone, because it's just business, and not for nothing, but the girl IS all that, because she's really good at what she does, so quit hating.

  19. It’s very short and simple. Molly is white that’s why they focusing on her ! Molly is also jealous of Amber for winning

  20. first of all if you really think molly has the authority to block a whole company from working with someone yall will deadass believe anything. obviously plt are not going to offer anyone else the same exact deal as they have already offered it to molly. secondly, murad you sit here reporting false ass stories fueling more hate on people over something that isn't even true. since you have nothing better to do with your time than to sit & stalk the love islanders every move & make youtube videos about them you should actually make sure they're actually accurate first.

  21. What’s this nonsense going around saying how Maura might replace Amber on dancing on ice !? Please get the tea for us, because it’s hot 🍵🙈🐸

  22. Murad, can you also do a video about how they are planning to drop Amber from dancing on ice and REPLACE her with Maura instead. The fact that they want to get rid of the WINNER and MOST POPULAR L.I. contestant this season in favour of Maura is laughable. Why is everyone overlooking her problematic actions at the start of the show? There are plenty of other personalities from the show that would make good TV that are not as polarising as Maura, yet they continue to shove her down our throats. I saw the story here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7429253/Love-Island-winner-Amber-Gill-DROPPED-Dancing-Ice-replaced-Maura-Higgins.html

  23. Molly is okay or whatever, but I'd personally be checking for a Maura or Yewande line before ever checking for a Molly line. It just gives me knock-off Kylie Jenner vibes. idk

  24. The title of this video is incorrect. PLT itself decided that now they'll focus on just one islander. After months when her contract ceases, then it is never say never for others. People just start blaming Molly

  25. I don’t think Molly Mae would’ve blocked it, I’m sure she’s signed to an agency and they must’ve put it as a clause in her contract. It wouldn’t make sense to work with more than one islander at a time also. Tbh Amber would suit a hair care brand better than plt

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