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Another music for tutorials. For those who love making tutorial videos about makeup, this is perfect.
Always good for presentations and upbeat videos. Simple and not too much engaging.

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Back to the conservatory days , my teachers just hated me so much.
I played Mozart as if it were Gershwin. Improvising solos on a J.S.Bach Suite during live concerts. Grooving a little too much on ‘400 medieval pieces.
They hated me so much as long as they thought I did all such things (and way worse ones) on purpose.
Peace came into place when after 10 years I passed my demo-CD to my Maestro. That CD contained heavy rock music, orchestral symphonies , electronic speculations and tribal percussion movements.
After having a really good listen to it he told me he never realized I was that crazy, and from that moment on, every thing was at least justified.
All due respect to the Old Masters, I like to think music as a force , a phisical phenomenon that rules the whole world. I like to reach most people possible with my works, cause it’s by listening,inspiring and influencing each other that this Earth grows and evolves its own roots.
I do realize well that this words sound a little apocaliptical, but music should give those gorgeous amazing emotions to whom are listening to it.

American Horror Story
Rocking Summer:
Noir Touch
Modem 56k dial-up Orchestral Rock
Scary Voices
Cathartic Ending
Bad Night
Sweeneey Todd Parody
A Calm Sea
Baby Music
Scary Music

One of my singles

Youtube Channel

I always felt like moods are naturally related to certain kind of music, or sounds if we want. And that’s what I do, I describe moods with the music I write. Music is very important for creative people, as a source of inspiration or even as an enhancer for the messages one wants to send.
Unless I’ve signed a millionary contract with Warner Bros, you can find your mood, the music you need, inside my channel, and guess what…it’s free.
You need a rock tune for your youtube series, there you go.
You need to write a noir novel, but you want some background music that could help you feel as you are inside a noir set, well you can find all of those things in here.
Just put my name or my website into the credits and I’ll be happy.

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