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Out with the old, in with the new; I just got the brand new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum! In this video, I unbox, give my first impressions, FLY, and review the newest Mavic Pro Platinum. Hope you enjoy!

PS: I’m not forever throwing out my DJI Phantom 3 Standard I am, indeed, keeping it to use in future videos!

For anyone wondering, all amazing drone shots in this video were taken near the Fiesta Americana Resort in Cancún, México.


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38 Replies to “Mavic Pro Platinum FULL Unboxing, First Flight, Impressions, & Review!!”

  1. To whom this may concern, no, I'm not getting rid of, selling, or giving away my Phantom 3 Standard. I WILL CONTINUE TO USE IT IN VIDEOS! Don't worry y'all.

  2. you’re annoying.

    You complain about the stupidest things, like having to put the cable in. You want everything done for you.

  3. Going in the mountains to shoot aerial photographs of forests for conservation work in a week.
    Gotta convince the bosses on why getting a brand new Mavic Pro Platinum is better than hunting down a 2nd hand Phantom 4…since we have the tiny budget that can't reach Mavic 2 line anyway…
    Thanks for this even if it's an old vid lol
    P.S. if you guys could suggest what else about Mavic Pro Platinum can help my bosses decide, I'll appreciate it. Thaaaaanks~

  4. Awesome video! I am looking at getting a Mavic or Mavic 2 myself! By the way, what is the song track you used at 10:20 ? Thanks! Subscribed!

  5. Awesome video my friend I will be getting the drone today i am super happy I have a spark for a while now but I want to upgrade now. I dint want to spend extra 500 on the mavic 2 i think the mavic pro platinum is awesome enough.

  6. Can you please stop stating the obvious and how many times you going to repeat yourself about the Phantom 3 standard !!!?!???!?!?!!!!!?!???

  7. Good job! I just got mine last week and because of the weather, I've had little chance to really let loose on this thing. Although I did get to fly it indoors in a basketball court size building, I found it easy to fly and only crashed it twice after spending more than two hours getting used to. Maybe not the best bird for my first drone but who cares, I want to learn on the real thing before getting my first Phantom 4 v2 in a few months. The crashes were very minor and the bird held up rather nicely. I did learn a few things watching your video and it was a pain using my Android phone but I've switched to my Samsung tablet and it makes a huge difference. However, I'm buying the goggles next weekend so that will illuminate the need for both and should greatly enhance my flying experience. Thanks!

  8. Yay..mine will be arriving tomorrow 7/24! Yukon damp weather for a few days, but that will give me an opportunity to get it all ready.

  9. What do you think about the mavic air compared to the mavic pro series? I have been looking into it and im leaning towards the air>

  10. Nice vid! What app did you use to screen capture the in-flight footage? Did you use the takeoff as the pair-up point to sync you with flying it and the video on screen? Thx!

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