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The video shows the FULL GAME walkthrough of Mega Man X8 from the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2, on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC, beating all the levels, beating all the bosses & final boss, and viewing the ending, in HD 1080p 60 fps with no commentary.
Watch the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Playlist

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37 Replies to “Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2: Mega Man X8 FULL GAME! (Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC)”

  1. Huh? Easy Mode? So it's not Full Game, since you miss the true final boss.

    Not wanting to judge you, just the title of the video delivers other expectations.

  2. they didn't even bother to make the game widescreen, up until x6 is understandable since those games are 2D and all, but c'mon, it could easily be done on 7 and 8

  3. This game brings back so many memories. I still remember the day my parents decided to get us our first console, a PS2, and this was the first game i bought with it because i thought the characters on the cover looked cool. Holds up just as i remember it.

  4. I really enjoyed the x legacy collection and completed X8 on normal mode thanks again with this awesome gameplay video

  5. im consider to buy this 2nd pack cuz im a big fan of X8… yet i read so many of negative reviews from the others… Would it worth sir??
    P/s: Im play PC

  6. Jesus, what are those menu issues? If I take the original release of Megaman X8 all the menus look sharp, this is weird.

  7. Love ya man. Memories of Megaman x8. It was very hard for me when I was very young and playing with my older cousin.

  8. Abdallah I finally have internet on my 3ds plz friend me my friend code is 3497-5915-0361 I already have u as friend on my 3ds plz accept I subed and turned on notifications and I lime every vid I see I'm trying to catch up on all the vids

  9. abdallahsmash026 i fill like you should complete the pokedex come the post game with for me of ultra sun and ultra moon is not gonna be happening be cause i do not have dusk form lycanroc and that has to be A trade in person at A restaurant be cause my internet suck and i try useing internet from my cell phone to get that special rockruff that evolved in till dusk form lycanroc but that did not work out

  10. You know, I really wish you kept on playing Tomodachi life. It is the most greatest game in the world. You didnt say in your Christmas episode that it was the last episode so why stop playing? I really wish you kept on playing. I'm sorry. 😛

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