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Created with sony vegas pro 13

Track list:

Zero and the Plight of Iris [MMX4 – Opening Stage Zero]

Let There Be Light [MMX – Dr. Light, Get a Weapon, MMX2 – Dr. Light] (Cerrax)

Megaman Remix – Mega Medley

Megaman – Title mix medley

RTRZ Mythos – 02 – Departure – Mythos Version

RTRZ Mythos – 10 – Straight Ahead – Mythos Version

The 4th Coming [MMX4 – Opening Stage X] (The Dual Dragons)

RTRZ Telos – 1-04 – Break Out


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30 Replies to “Megaman X8 – All Rare metal / Armor / Items Locations”

  1. 16:21 for this metal, if you have Ultimate X, you can also just air dash off the next ledge (where you get an armor part) and Nova Strike.

  2. wait, why i still no ultimate armor and black zero? i just defeat lumine final stage and credit and i save my data to normal and got nothing?!

  3. For some reason I always have trouble getting the perfect rank in the optic sunflower stage even if I used D glave. Please give me a way to get the perfect rank faster

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