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MegaMan X8 Challenge
Hard mode
(Zero Knuckle Only)
Note: Crabs-y requires the third slash of zero’s combo to break it shield.

00:21 Noah’s Park (Crabboss-Y)
04:10 Dynasty (Gigavolt Manowar)
06:57 Pitch Black (Dark Mantis)
10:51 Primrose (Gravity Antonion)
14:26 Central White (Avalance Yeti)
20:10 Inferno (Burn Rooster)
27:45 Metal Valley (Earthrock Trilobyte)
33:06 Booster Forest (Bambo Pandamonium)
37:05 Troia Base (Optic Sunflower)

43:34 Jakob (Vile)
48:52 Gateway (Boss Rush) Sigma Copy
58:22 Sigma Palace (Sigma & Lumine)

1:02:51 Lumine Final form

Rockman X8 gameplay using only zero with the kaiser knuckle as weapon on hard difficulty.
Thanks for watching, Leave a comment & Long live to Megaman!


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24 Replies to “MegaMan X8 (Zero: Kaiser Knuckle Run) Hard mode”

  1. zero usando el "kaiser kanucles" hum , donde habre visto esto antes ….. claro XDXDXD , quien se cree ese zero ¿mazinkaiser?

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