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Standing on top of the mountain the vast largely unaltered landscape of southeast Alaska features a gorgeous panoramic view of rugged mountain peaks, thick pine forests and pristine lakes. In the summer months snow still covers the highest mountain peaks while in the lower elevations berry bushes burst with over a dozen different species of delicious wild edible berries. In this video I document a two-day adventure hiking one of many mountains in Baranof Island, Alaska and minimalist camping by an alpine lake near the top at 2700 feet (823 meters) elevation. It was actually a three-day adventure but due to the amount of time it took to hike the rugged terrain and shoot the video I show just one day and overnight experience.

My good friend Ben Dever joined me on this adventure (look him up on YouTube). We brought camping gear in anticipation of cold weather but the days and nights were unusually warm on this excursion. I had intended to build a shelter out of pine branches but due to time constraints I did not build one. I always get so involved in shooting video that I fall behind schedule. At this elevation no large trees grow and I would have had to hike at least 500 feet (150 meters) lower in elevation to find tall pines. However, the night was not too cold (low temperature was probably about 50˚F (10˚C)) and keeping a fire burning all night provided enough heat to lie on the ground and rest next to the fire.

Watch as I show how I make a simple buckskin poncho to keep warm, identify several wild edible berries, jump into the cold lake (about 48˚F (9˚C)), show what I take with me for a protein source, use the knife Ben let me borrow to cut firewood, start a fire using flint, and capture some breathtaking imagery of the pristine landscape.

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Camera: Nikon D7200 and GoPro HERO7 Black
Sound: Zoom H4N
Editing: Final Cut Pro X on MacBook Air
Location: Baranof Island, Alaska, USA

Music credits:

Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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37 Replies to “Mountain Wilderness Survival in Alaska”

  1. Ummmm…. me Arzan of the Artic! Me find whole tanned leather hides laying around in wilderness frequently. Me make shirtems out of em and eat berries. Berries helpem keep me regular.

  2. Your work is amazing! So, i see that you use manual focus in your cam, but i don't understand how do you hold focus perfectly on point that you will pass. I'll be very happy if you help me. Hug brother.

  3. This is a TOTAL waste of time. I can watch my sons boy scout troop do better. I have wasted 23 minutes of my life on this useless display of an ego trip. you want to see real survival watch this guy.

  4. Ah. The heaters. If they only knew how much no one gives a flying rats ass what they think….falls on deaf ears. Superb video Chad.

  5. Ma come si è procurato la legna se non vi è vegetazione ???? l'ha portata da casa ??????
    But how did the wood get if there is no vegetation ???? brought her from home ??????

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