23 Replies to “Mukbang|세계에서 제일 매운 과자 도전!! 원칩 챌린지!! Paqui One Chip Challenge!!!!!!”

  1. Finally ! Btw when I see ur husband for the first time, I think his face like junsu, hari jisun’s brother. You can see him in hari jisun channel. Sorry to say like this

  2. To get rid of the spicy taste you should drink warm water or something warm. It really helps eliminate the spicy taste.

  3. Sesame seed oil will help. Just let it sit in your mouth as long as you can and swallow. It will help…I promise!

  4. Parecía que en cualquier momento les daba un ataque jaja no me quiero ni imaginar la desesperación que sentían en esos momentos.

    Saludos de México ♡

  5. Selalu menonton chanel ini.. tidak pernah bosan😘😍 orang Indonesia pada kemana ini🖐️
    I LOVE U G-NI ❤️

  6. Só eu que acho ela muito fofinha?
    :3 <3

    그녀가 너무 귀엽다고 생각하는 사람?
    :3 <3

    Just me who thinks she's so cute?
    :3 <3

    只有我一个认为她是如此可爱的人?:3 <3

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