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Napoleon Hill | Master Key #1 – Definiteness of Purpose | BasedShaman Review

Today we’re reviewing Napoleon Hill’s Master Key Episode 1 Definiteness of Purpose. Napoleon Hil is known for his self help books such as Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Success, anf Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.

Napoleon Hill’s Master key to success is a rare recording that shares the key to riches and success beyond our wildest dreams.

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23 Replies to “Napoleon Hill | Master Key #1 – Definiteness of Purpose | BasedShaman Review”

  1. When I was 14 I always thought negative like I couldn't accomplish anything in this world but you showed me that was not the case it was just my mind set. Now i'm 16 and I will accomplish my goal on becoming a successful film maker

  2. I must possess the type of music being played around 13+ mins in order to achieve great potential :O BasedShaman show me da wae!

  3. I agree on the possesion of your mind make you a better person in general,but there is something we forgetting about here shaman:people who use medication to ''cure' depression need to try to deal with their inner demons rather than shutting down their minds,sure you can stop thinking about problems,but they dont desappear from your life,you see what i mean here?I used to be a person who let other people decide how i behave and let others judgement decide how i feel,but then after a while i realised:hey why dont i think about myself!I m myself,i m not like everyone else and neither anyone is,yet nowdays thanks to the media,we are expected to be the same,like what??!and From that time on,i begin focusing on myself,finding the reasons why i m sad and i found out,they are not that bad if you think about it,yes it may look very bad first time you think about it but after a while you realise that your problems are not impossible to pass,and life got oprtunities for everyone IF you are working hard for your goals.

  4. From Dr Jordan Peterson to the monologue about persistence in “The Founder,” and now Mr Hill, this is a message I’ve been hearing more and more as the past few years have gone on. I need to work everyday to take control of my mind and my destiny. It’s mine to control and I shouldn’t give that up.

    Thanks for the great content, Shaman.

  5. Finally got to sit down and watch this and I'm glad I did! This is amazing, Shaman! I can't wait for more of this series, it's going to help so many people! ❤

  6. I am believing an older person can learn a new musical instrument. I plug away at this every day. I make progress. idgaf if it's slow. I am still doing it.

  7. I didn't know you were into Napoleon Hill Basedshaman. I have been into him since reading Think And Grow Rich five years ago.

  8. I first read "Think and grow rich" about 10 years ago. Your getting me interested in this stuff again. Thanks mate

  9. Wow! Such Great stuff Based!😊❣️ Feel that! Those are Such a timeless Powerful messages. Ty for breaking it down 🤗😊👍 Blessings to you! Ty for this video, it really has touched me it's very helpful and motivating! He seemed so kind! I'm ready to receive that master key 😎👊 starting taking notes too! We can do it! Crew we will make it! Even with obstacles! Ty Based!! Many Blessings endlessly 🙏🙇🤗❣️ Much Love Always!

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