35 Replies to “New Hero X.Borg Best Fighter – Mobile Legends Bang Bang”

  1. New Hero X.Borg Available from August 9th, 2019. The price for hero and skin for X.Borg will have the same price which is 32000 BP or 599 Diamonds.

  2. Do you think his a cheater,I don't know but his/she's mythical glory but he/she doesn't have friends,and another one his/she's mythical glory but his physical and other emblem is so low,i don't know but that's what I think..
    👇Just like if I'm correct and comment if I'm wrong

  3. LEGENDARY? Sucks. Ur a fighter not a TANK. Emblem: ASSASIN?!dumDum

  4. When alucard watches this vid:
    alucard:But im assasin still fighter :/ hm… Best FIGHTER!?
    FBI:uhm yeah?
    Alucard:tell xborg its time to get killed
    Xborg:Yes you called?
    alucard:ready for the fight?
    Alucard:HA WEAK
    10 minutes later.
    Alucard:I dont want to die..
    Xborg:??? :/Ur dead already??

  5. Free skin here. Just click and login your game ID:

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