39 Replies to “Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge – Official Trailer”

  1. Хорошая была игра на Денди. А это какое-то ебаное анимешное говно с куче резни и крови.

  2. this game is actually very very good!…. very well improved over the trash that was "Ninja Gaiden 3". Sad by the time they remade it nobody cared.

  3. This game has no little ninja stealth in it but I still appreciate the combat. This is like Kuroko no Basket while Tenchu is Slam Dunk.

  4. Was this made in the U.S. and by U.S. people? because it doesn't compare to it's predecesors in the quality and appeal departments.

  5. Might look like your generic hack and slash with no effort kind of game, but it isn't. I was happily shocked when I jumped into this game and experienced it's intensity first hand. Actually takes a pretty fair amount of skill to make it in this game. 🙂

  6. all you people dont know what your talking about. ng 1 was the hardest ng 2 was to damn easy, and ng 3 is much more challenging cause theres no healing item's, ng3 requires skill, you suck if think ng 3 is terrible. as matter of fact, tell me why u think it sucks and i'll correct you

  7. The only thing I hated in the first one Ninja Gaiden Sigma was the camera was a bitch to control but it was good overall. NGS2 was good, so I might as well get the 3rd once since I got both the Sigmas. 

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