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  1. I think the game still awesome even though it's kind of hard it's still kind of fun to play I don't think the graphics are that bad I haven't beat the game yet I might be stupid and dumb because I ain't beat it everybody else probably did but oh well that's just how I feel I'm not like everybody else and I can't be I don't think it's a bad game after all.

  2. I hate it sooooo much they ruined a perfectly AWESOME experience for real ninja gaiden fans for a soft cock friendly cunt with a babbling chick talking the whole time making my ears bleed!!!! I feel so sorry for the people in the boardroom who tried to make it stay true and untouchable like part2 and now they have reduced him to a camp ninja who probably drinks pink COCKtails for the sake of some cunt corporate wanker who felt he needed to be made a commercial bitch!! It ruines the game everytime they try to get a bigger audience by dumbing it down. YOU HAVE LOST ME @Teamninja as well as all my close gamer community! let's hope part 4 you fire half the dicks who had anything to do with this poor excuse for a turd ! Have a shit day further thank you.

  3. Agree with MertensCW down here. Ninja Gaiden 3 seems like a 3 or maybe 4. Razor's Edge is a 5-6. Ninja Gaiden 1/Black/Sigma is a 9. Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2 is an 8- imho. Don't glorify the simplification and dumbing down of almost perfect gameplay and level design. If they could do Ninja Gaiden 1, no way in hell they do Arkham Asylum combat and still get a mark above 5.

  4. I'll tell you why, go play Ninja Gaiden 1 for the xbox, or Ninja Gaiden Black for the xbox, or go play Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the ps3 (All 3 are Ninja Gaiden 1). I'll explain. Ninja Gaiden had great combat with a variety of moves and weapons. It had platforming elements. It was difficult and there weren't save points all over the place. You didn't get a full HP bar after a small skirmish, you didn't get full health at a save point (Ninja Gaiden 2, no need for that stuff) You could upgrade and buy potions. You had magic (Ninpo) and could upgrade that as well. You had blue orb of the gods to collect to increase your health. And last but seriously not least, the map was 1 great open world! Yes, like the on a whole nother level Dark Souls. Ninja Gaiden 1 was perfect! Ninja Gaiden 2 dumbed it down with too many save points and health full at the points but is still an okay play. Ninja Gaiden 3 is complete trash from what I've seen compared to where it all started Ninja Gaiden 1. I'm playing Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge and am annoyed by no items, linear maps, everything feels like a small arena, walk a corridor, another small arena. Less moves, enemies don't drop their yellow, red or blue orbs to absorb or use for a strong attack. And I seriously hate the finishing move nonsense. When a dude loses an arm you can instantly kill it with a strong attack, and in this animation Ruy is immortal. It completely removes the intensity of the situation since you can't die when in that mode. I don't see Ninja Gaiden as a franchise, it's just one perfect game with a mild followup and a completely wrongly done part 3. If you like the universe and style, go play any Ninja Gaiden version of the first. Not what came after. (sorry for long post, it just pisses me off, I love Ninja Gaiden 1)

  5. This is why GT went under. (on top of the shitty video player)
    They started lying to the people. Even NG3RE is hardly a 7. i would give it a solid 5, so a 3 or 4 would be appropriate for the vanilla version.

  6. this game is not so bad for newcomers to the ninja gaiden franchise.. sure its dumbed down for the older NG fans (i have been playing through all of NG games since the NES era) but on its own its a pretty good action games.. not as bad as IGN 3.0 review… this review is spot on.. a 7 is correct in my book..

  7. I also like how people say, "Just because it isn't a good Ninja Gaiden game doesn't mean it's not a good game by itself." First of all, it isn't a good game. If it was made by different developers, and was called "Cursed Blade" or something, even without the "Ninja Gaiden Bias" it would still suck. Developers make sequels because a game is popular. The purpose of making a sequel is to give people more of the same of what they just played, add a little bit, and try to fix things people didn't like about the first game. Now occasionally, developers will make a reboot, and then that's where they'll try something new. But since Ninja Gaiden 3 is not a reboot, and since it is tied chronologically to the other two, it's an insult that they made it so much worse.

  8. This game was garbage. Why did they need to make it more accessible? The first two weren't even all that difficult on the easy difficulties. Ryu could block, dodge, and flank enemies rather smoothly and the combo sets were amazing for the first two games. Also, the amount of gore you could spill was the perfect incentive to master different combos. Ninja Gaiden 2 had 8 weapons, each one fought very differently, were each spectacularly gory, and the most fun could be had constantly switching between them in between levels depending on if you were in the mood to bludgeon, slash, or decimate. The ninpo system allowed for a bit of strategy as certain ninpo was better against some enemies than others, and they all looked cool. The stories were ridiculous but it didn't matter because cutscenes were not intrusive, and the game was about slaughter. What did Ninja Gaiden 3 do? It dumbed down the combat system, and there was no incentive to really master it because no matter what, all Ryu would do near the end was cut through a guy's body. No dismemberment, no decapitations, no head smashing, no variety, always the same stupid body slash. To make a comparison, it would be like if Mortal Kombat characters could only use one fatality and it was boring. To make it worse, after all the positive feedback they got from the multiple weapons, the developers said, "Hey, you guys really liked having multiple weapons didn't you? Well too bad here's a sword." And then they had the audacity to add other weapons as DLC YOU HAD TO PAY FOR. They also scrapped the amazing ninpo system and replaced it with a stupid dragon animation that was stupidly cheap, unintuitive, an stupid. And then they tried to make story this big emphasis, with intrusive cut scenes, and it was a stupid story, even dumber than the ones from previous games. Dumbed down combat, one weapon, one ninpo, and only one way to slaughter enemies, with a stupid story… great job Ninja Gaiden 3 developers, way to take everything that made Ninja Gaiden unique and just shit on it.

  9. Ninja Gaiden 3: the worst game I've played on xbox 360.
    Boring as hell, ultra repetitive an insult to human intelligence.

  10. Ninja Gaiden Black: Rival Ninja, Demons, Great plot, Incredibly large arsenal.
    Ninja Gaiden 2: Rival ninja, Demons, Great plot, smaller arsenal, but still good variety.
    Ninja Gaiden 3: Fucking terrorists!

  11. The reason why I love gametrailer's reviews is because they use the word "we" and even if they don't, it seems as if they have multiple people reviewing a game

  12. i did not see any problem with the game and i liked how they went to the roots of the original. that being said. i think once razors edge is out there will be a patch for the other versions.

  13. yeah right..i hope microsoft and sony will buy the game for franchise so that it will be available for the ps3 and xbox 360. ninja gaiden sigma 3 for the ps3 and for xbox ninja gaden 3 razor edge.. hopefully they will make it. by the way how can we suggest to the team ninja? we must suggest that they should make this game for the ps3 and xbox 360. this will be the game ninja gaiden game ever. they've already fix the problem. but the only problem is , it is not for the ps3 and xbox only for WiiU

  14. The only problem with that is that Nintendo is publishing the game. Which means they put up the cash to make that version happen. Unless they can buy out the rights, I doubt it will appear on other consoles.

  15. how they fix the problem if the ninja gaiden 3 razors edge is exclusive only on the fucking stupid WiiU console… zzzz. they should remake the razors edge on the ps3 and xbox 360

  16. I tried the demo for a laugh and couldn't stop laughing when I watched the ninja walking like a guy in high heels.
    The fighting was weird. Sliding around on his ass to avoid being shot and sliced. Jumping and spinning in the air like a trampoline champion.
    And then sheathing his sword, or claws, and walking past the corpses like a guy in high heels.
    Maybe his ass was sore from all that sliding around on it in order to dodge bullets and cutlery which made him walk funny.
    No thanks.

  17. Razor's Edge hopefully will fix all of the problems this game has… Or at least most of them. There's definitely more weapons in that version, and violence has been ramped up.

  18. A bit too generous for a review, since it feels like half of what Ninja Gaiden used to be, and incorporates Call of Duty in nearly every enemy with guns and explosives…

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