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Player :Heroes Of Xanadu :The Parallax Scrolling in level 7-1 is amazing. Probably one of my Favorite.


Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom, known in Japan as Ninja Ryūkenden III: Yomi no Hakobune “Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword III: The Ark from Hades” is a side-scrolling platforming video game developed and published by Tecmo. It was released in Japan on June 26, 1991 for the Famicom and in North America in August 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The NES version was not released in Europe. It was later ported to the Atari Lynx by Atari and released in 1993 in North America and Europe, the European version retaining the North American Ninja Gaiden III title. It was also that re-released as part of its Ninja Gaiden Trilogy.A handheld version was release later with five new boss.


Super NES compilation in 1995 in Japan and North America. Long after, it was released for the Virtual Console service in North America on February 18, 2008 for the Wii and in North America and Europe on November 28, 2013 and January 23, 2014 respectively for the Nintendo 3DS. It was designed by Masato Kato, who took over for Hideo Yoshizawa—designer of the first two games in the NES series.Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom takes place between the events of the original Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos.The story opens with Irene Lew, one of the protagonists in the first two Ninja Gaiden titles, an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency on a mission called “Cardinal”.


She gets chased to the edge of a cliff by a man who looks like Ryu Hayabusa, when the edge gives way, and Irene falls in the water to her apparent death. Ryu is accused of Irene’s murder but says it was not him, that it was somebody else who looked like him who tried to frame him.He first investigates a laboratory that Irene was investigating. After going through the laboratory, a mysterious man appears and tells Ryu to go the Castle Rock fortress, where he will give Ryu more information about Irene when he gets there.Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom is a side-scrolling platform game in which the player controls the player character Ryu Hayabusa as he investigates the events of Irene Lew’s death.


In the game, Ryu can jump, hang, and climb up and down walls with the control pad; pressing the jump button while holding the control pad the direction away from the wall causes Ryu to spring off the wall. Ryu is also able to attack enemies with secondary weapons while on a wall by pressing the attack button.A new feature introduced in Ninja Gaiden III is the ability for Ryu to hang overhead from pipes or ivy; he can swing up on top or drop from them, and as with walls, he can only attack enemies while hanging with secondary weapons.As with the previous Ninja.Level 7-1 is one of my favorite level ever made on the nes.The parallax scrolling is amazing.Please comments like and subs if you like this run.



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36 Replies to “Ninja Gaiden 3 – The Ancient Ship of Doom – Nes – Full Playthrough – No Death ♛”

  1. Is this a tool assisted play through? Cause we saw Ryu go through spikes and no damage was done while using fire wheel of does damage not occur when using fire wheel??

  2. Press the Up button and Pause Button together
    And…. BOOM! You get full life.
    Yes, that's how the 8 year old me was able to end this gane

  3. This game has by far the most and the best cutscenes on the NES.
    I had this game on a 13 in 1 one illegal cartridge.
    Unfortunately all text was in Japanese so I could not understand one single word.
    Now some 25 years later I finally understand what it was all about.

  4. 23:30 was the start of a renewed emotional awakening for me back in 2001. I watched my brother play up to this stage all day (we used to take turns and share games back in the day), and it was getting pretty late at night. A small chime of this song started and he put the TV on mute so we wouldn't wake our parents up. I hated that because I liked to hear the game, and shortly afterward he gave up because he kept dying. Coming back to this game a few years later after high school, I finally made it to this point and was able to hear the song. This song, this scene, the entire reunion made me feel like I was part of it because I finally arrived at this chapter of the game. Mind you, I never beat the game, I couldn't make it past the third iteration of Clancy, but I felt like I finally made it to that friggin' spot where my brother so rudely muted the game. Blasphemy.

  5. hay un juego parecido a este es de ninja, y va correindo por la noche arriba de los edificios con un traje de ninja pero con los brazos cubiertos no como el de gaiden. y al atacar con la espada deja una aureola mas grande, no lo puedo encontrar en internet , y es de famili game

  6. It was a very difficult game in my childhood I never finished it, just want to see how it ends but seriously the main antagonists of every stage were killed so easily

  7. juegazo !!!! espectacular todos !!! esos soundtrack !! el ending con el recoplitario de todas loa momentos del juego!

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