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  1. So I took a look: I got PS4 Pro+MCable…spend a few minutes cleaning and than adjusting the headset so I get the best visuals I can on PSVR: This game is still kinda blurry, but playable.
    I think we can expect a PS4 Pro patch eventually.

  2. Torture to watch knowing that it’s out digitally! 🙁 have to wait for NMS BEYONDs physical retail Re-release on PS4 thanks to living in the sticks of Wa state .. terrible WiFi has killed my online options

  3. Can anyone clarify about creative mode in No Mans Sky. So as a player i dont have to grind at all. Straight away i can build and fly around-explore. So how the supply system works for fuel and building materials?!

  4. Just another up-vote here for a PS4 pro patch request. My first play through was a bit disappointing because of the blurry-ness. I played for about 30 mins. Later on that day.. I tried again and played for like 3 hours non-stop. As blurry as it is, it's amazing to play in VR.

  5. I absolutely love it, its my dream to fly in space with a ship and currently this is the closest i can get. Just wish Elite Dangerous would do it as well for PSVR.
    Dont really feel like spending alot of money for a PC VR headset just for one game but damn i would love Elite in VR, i would lose myself in that world for sure.

    I like the space exploration but not so much the mining and constantly having to fix everything so im thinking I'll play on creative haha

  6. summing up: blurry, but plays awesome and is the largest game ever in VR. I just restarted it afresh, been a long while since I last played – it's truly awesome to be there and blurriness just fades away once you're there.
    The secret to flying with Moves is simply release that speed change lever: just set a speed and then release it. Only hold it when needing to switch speed. Plays much better since you can concentrate on just steering with right hand, plays downright great tbh.

  7. I cant hear you, I'm currently on a blue planet with green banana shaped things hopping around me and I'm outta fuel to get outta here but it's ok cause I like it here.

  8. Only aspect I feel suffers in VR is the clarity of distant freighters in space. They're just colored blobs unless you get close. Everything else has been passable to shockingly amazing they could pull it off.

  9. Flying in space is the most immersive in vr with the moves.. it takes getting used to, but it feels like your more in control of the ship in vr lol

  10. Needs a pro patch. If they get that in, it will probably be much better!
    After reading the comments, mine is a little redundant.

  11. Finally got to the multiplayer hub and the frame rate dropped severely, so much that other players weren't moving and couldn't speak to npcs, other than that the games been awesome

  12. There’s so much to do in this game. It really is amazing that it’s in vr. I had a great time exploring today. There’s so much to learn and experience! I couldn’t agree more with your review

  13. I have it for both PSVR and HTC Vive. It is not blurry at all on the Vive, my rig is decent so I put graphics settings on high with no problems, haven't tried ultra though. Kind of hoping they optimize the PSVR for PS4 Pro because that's where I put my 1000 hours into and have all my bases. Don't mind the blurriness on PSVR- Pro but PC is 100x less blurry if at all. I trust Hello games will find a way to make it more equal.

  14. As a player with over 500 hours on nms. The graphics aren't great but that slowly fades into the back of your mind as you play for an hour or two and come to realise how large in scale it is. the fact that they pulled vr off at all is very impressive. The multiplayer is broken at the moment and going into the nexus with multiplayer turned on will result in an instant crash. Turn of multiplayer in the game options and you can access everything in the anomaly mostly without issue. I'm personally having a blast and hello games will patch many of the bugs over the coming weeks and hopefully implement pro enhancement support.

  15. Seems like they worked hard and pulled off a minor miracle to get this working in VR for the base PS4. Similar to how Doom got ported over to the SNES back in the day. This game was made for this generation of systems, so to have the full thing running at all is great, but I knew there would be some considerable concessions that came with it. However, I do think the Pro wasn't the main focus, and I think that the way the developers of this game have responded (brilliantly) to the games initial release, they will surely now focus on the Pro and get a patch out for it ASAP. I mean, if the incompetent Bethesda can manage a patch that upgraded Skyrim, then Hello Games can.

  16. Enjoying the game so far. The move controllers are very well implemented. Had to change to Dualshock when the batteries in the move controllers emptied, and I must say I prefer to navigate with the move controllers. The only thing I noticed in favor to the dualshock, was that information shown in the menu was more comprehensive. Suddenly I noticed information about alien races I discovered, which I've never seen before. Perhaps the information is hidden somewhere in the move controller menu though (only my first impression. I've not done any kind of direct comparison between the two modes).

  17. Good review Paul. I’m very agree with your review. I wish they can make it less blurry especially for PRO. We have to ask Sean Murray they optimize for PRO already or they will make PRO patch later. Overall I think Hello Game give us great VR game. Also PCVR gamers also said they have performance issue even on high-end GPU like RTX 2080. Last thing “Turn off Supersampling mode” before start game otherwise it will give us only black screen.

  18. I play it on a base ps4. It's blurry alright but it looks great despite it. On pc you would spend 3x as much in hardware and you'd only get slightly sharper graphics.

  19. Had it all ready to download last night but I didn't have enough storage space free. It's downloading now but My internet is slow 9 hours to go😦

  20. I wonder how wipeout got it so right with the graphics but everyone else struggles? I've just started playing NMS today in VR and I love it but I'd like a an improvement on the blur

  21. for extra immersion just pretend that you lost your glasses when your spaceship crashed. Even tho this game is blurry, at the moment i rate it up there with skyrim

  22. I assume the game isn't optimised for ps4 Pro. They rarely push it to the limits because the games have to run on the ps4. What a shame

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