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This week’s release is Tenali Ramakrishna BA.BL starring #SundeepKishan #HansikaMotwani and #VaralaxmiSarathkumar. #HridayRanjan reviews the film this week.
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23 Replies to “Not A Tolly Review | Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL | Hriday Ranjan”

  1. Finally someone addressed the inefficiency of these hindi actors who don't even give a shit to learn the dialogues. Come on guys you get paid for it.

  2. Movie is good 👍👍…movie in the sence lots of people's work…if you are giving review make sure point out the +ve elements too

  3. evdu elmanadu ra ninnu…. aa trailer chusaka kuda niku quality cinema anpnchndha…
    lavda cinema kelli lavda mindset tho chusi ni lavda english tho lavda batch tho ikda lavda video lu upload chesi na lanti lavda gaallaki timepass chesi edho peekesam ankne baavi lo bathkese lavda gaallu thuu..

  4. Tbh the quality of sound engineers is best in TFI. Telugu films have the best sound mixing in India , a lot of experts talk abt it.
    This film might be an exception.
    I agree with your comment on how actors have been here since 15-20 years and do not learn the language and dont dub .

  5. I was not wonder because you did not mentioning varu sarath kumar acting . Same thing you did for anirudh in gang leader movie review. (even though she didn't play big role in this movie but you have to be address something about her instead of your samosa joke)

  6. Pouring kerosene on Amazon fire? More like dumpster fire. Also arey evadaina HR ki oo manchi cinema choopiyandra babu ledantey depression toh sachhipoyela unnadu.

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