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Review of the Patagonia Black Hole Pack 32L which is a versatile and spacious travel backpack with simple, yet effective, organization and a nice build quality that can work for day to day use in a pinch.

What are your favorite Patagonia bags and gear? Anything I should check out?

Patagonia Black Hole:

Music: “Ruminate” – R.LUM.R

Wearing the bag – 2:00

Straps and back panel – 3:53

Laptop compartment – 5:12

Outer Organization – 7:14

Main Compartment: 9:05

Other bags to check out:

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Items featured in video:

Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2.0:

Goruck Wire Dopp:

Bagsmart Tech Organizer:

Incase Accessory Pouch:

MacBook Pro Retina (13 inch, Touchbar):

iPad Mini:

GoPro Hero 3+:

GoPro Hero 7 (Latest):

Packing Cubes:

Powerbot USB Hub:

TOMs Classic Slip On Shoes:

Haivana Shoes:

Field Notes:

Penguin Chiller Shoes:

Amazon Kindle: Kindle:

Gerber Shard:

WD External Drive:

Mocreo Travel Adapter:

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8 Replies to “Patagonia Black Hole Pack Review – 32L All Purpose Travel Backpack”

  1. What is the back support and strap padding like? I have back issues but still want the functionality of being able to carry all of my stuff on a day-to-day basis!

  2. You push a lot of other products while you doing the review of this bag instead of concentrating on this bag and doing a better job. All those little organizer bags all you need to use his sandwich bags and freezer bags and that way you keep your weight down and you add some very good waterproof Effectiveness to whatever you're carrying it's easy to see what's in it. You overdo it with all those stupid organizer bags. I wouldn't subscribe to your channel because you waste so much time in commercials for all the other products.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to purchase and review this bag after I had asked you about it on your other video. It seems like a pretty nice bag and I think I am going to purchase it now for a travel backpack. Again thank you for your very detailed video! The other videos on this bag hardly showed any of the features. Two more suggestions are The Northface Stratoliner and the Eagle Creek National Geograohic series utility pack 40L. I am considering one of these as well as my wife and I are going to start hiking some trails around Louisiana and a lot of them are muddy and have steep river embankments so I wanted a bag to hold all of our items but also be easy to wipe clean after getting dirty on the trail. Hope to see you review them if you get a chance and thanks again! -Chris

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