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  1. I know some of them jake T Austin is from disney (the wizard of waverley place) Samantha. Boscarino is from nickelodeon ( How to rock ) and she is also in disney channel from the movie the clique but there is a cast that is from bratz the brother of yasmin ….. Thatss all

  2. hey! i know all these disney, nickelodeon and cartoon network actors: pause at: 0:40 and here they are fom left to right: max russo frm "wizards of waverley place", the main character (i think) of "the last airbender"/ben from "ben 10", rikko from "hannah montana", some random guy who i'm prtty sure is a disney or nick or some other kiddie person. pause at 0:43 and it's the guy frm "bratz 4 real" (he's the younger brother of yasmin) and the pretty girl gloria is disney nd in "the clique movie"

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