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Heres an easy install guide using the process I discovered and created by myself after years of frustration using buggy USB data import tools.

Now everyone can enjoy the Pro Evolution Soccer Option Files Avaliable free to DL at

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42 Replies to “PES2013 Daymos OPE Easy Install USB Option File Guide by @DJDaymos”

  1. I have a problem, when I open the folder of xbox 360 I appear Data 000 until Data 007. Nadamas I have to replace Data 001 and 002 or delete everything?

  2. in Meiu Xbox 360 appears when I press start
    (edited data)

      download content and update data to restore the saved data and leave again utiliizaveis, please download the data packet again

    help me please !!

  3. It is showing "in order to restore the save data,make it usable again"! What to do??? And I can't download ope v4 from it is crashing while downloading! Helppppp!

  4. eres el mejor!! me costo mucho al principio pero no me arte xD y pude gracias like y cojeme :3 wuuuu a jugar se a dicho

  5. Ok, so I have a 4GB xbox slim. I can only get the 320GB hard drive which is quite expensive so before I fork out the cash do I simply copy the data files to the new 320 gb hard drive instead of the 4GB internal hard drive and I'm good?

  6. why my xbox can't find de file. also after arasing those 2 folder and installing your file xbox ask me to customise againe. do you have any explaination for me please!

  7. hi, i downloaded the option file on media fire but, my xbox 360 can't find the folder after drag it into the usb. i follow all the instruction. can you explain me please!

  8. cuando envio los archivos de la pc a la usb y la paso a la consola la consola ya no reconoce el dispositivo y toca volver a configurar lo como hago que solucion existe a este problema

  9. Hi, I've tried to do like you but when i put the USB back into the Xbox, I just can configure it again. Does it work for German Xbox's too?

  10. erase the data0002 file from your usb then copy the dloaded data0002 into it… copying over wont work because the usb cant cache the wxtra storage space needed. .

  11. Could it be that my USB doesn't support that xbox customization? i'm configuring it, it says it worked properly. then i copy the data0001 and data0002 on it and put it back into my xbox, but it just lets me configure it again! as if i hadn't do it yet. :/

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