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Hey guys! So today I thought I’d show you the bits I picked up from the Molly Mae x Pretty Little Thing collection. Molly looks SOOOOOOO UNREAL in everything but sadly that wasn’t the case for me lmao. I was so confused by the sizing of this collection lol, let me know if any of you have picked up anything from this collection and what you thought!


Cream Side Tie Blazer:
Black Ribbed Jumper:
White Slinky Racer Back Crop Top:
Mid Blue Thigh Split Straight Leg Jeans:
White Shorts Denim Playsuit:
Taupe Slogan Washed T Shirt:
Stone Super Oversized Woven Blazer:
Anala Cream High Waisted Straight Leg Trousers:
Nude Clear High Flat Heel Mule:


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£15 off

GWA LASHES: CODE ‘LUCYF-OW’ (the fantasy lashes are my fave)




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42 Replies to “PLT x MOLLY MAE TRY ON HAUL! 😱 IS IT WORTH THE 💸???? | Lucy Flight”

  1. For people saying “what’s up with her accent” there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it ! I personally think a Scottish accent can sound strange in a video or when it’s being recorded ( I’m Scottish , I come from Glasgow so people can find it weird) and Lucy can I just say your body shape is amazing I have a very similar body shape as you I have a really small waist big hips and a big bum ! It can get really stressful at times and I do feel the way you feel in this video when I try on clothes and they just don’t fit it gets REALLY frustrating! Your body is perfect 🤩 and don’t go away after this video thinking your fat because YOUR NOT it’s just the collection and the way they have sized there items. Could everyone please please please PLEASE like this comment so it’s easier for Lucy to see it 💕we all love you Lucy !! Never forget that your ‘fans’ are your friends and family too and look up to you ! 💗💗

  2. Yayyyy love it when you do a try on haul because I have a similar body shape to you and gives me so many ideas for clothing!

  3. I love PLT but their sizing drives me insane!! I ordered a jumper last year, and I couldn’t even fit my head through the head hole… it was 7 inches wide!!! 😂😂

  4. The black ribbed jumper is sold out in all sizes so you might have to wait for a while for more stock is the 14 in the white playsuit but the 12 is in stock ..The cream tie blazer looks like a rag and terrible quality, they tailor the clothes to Molly may and the other models ,they use samples for them ( in other words the best quality and well made one off pieces) if they are too big they pull them in with clips and pins so it is not real life…. I can be anything from teenage sizes to size 18 in PLT and boohoo so it's not just you xxx

  5. I LOVE YOU!! Honestly not because it upset you that the clothes didnt fit how u wanted but because it just shows the reality of how i feel trying on new clothes , like I RELATE GIRLL ;)) ahh love that your one of the most down to earth people here hehe

  6. Ive just watched grace and grace doing the same video,they bought the same cream jacket and bottoms as u have and they recieved cream for both and you got a cream jacket and white trouserss??what the fuck hahahahaha👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. I have skinny waist then go out but I have small boobs so dress that are low cut are s bloody nightmare as my boobs want to pop out Cozs it’s too big then it will be too short on the bum jeans for me are a problem too

  8. please don’t make yourself feel bad because she is a slender person they’re made to fit everyone and they still looked lovely on you just the size didn’t hug your curves properly

  9. PLT clothes are very hit or miss, I was a bit surprised that Molly chose PLT over other brands because of this, the quality is so meh the only thing I like about PLT is a few of their designs and their returns policy. I think her designs would have been a lot better if the material was different.

  10. the items molly is wearing in the pictures have probably been tailored to fit her just for those photos, don’t be upset that they don’t fit you, i doubt they fit anybody perfectly xxxx

  11. Love seeing a girl who’s got curved trying on lines like this as when I watch hauls it’s always much smaller sized girls doing them so I can never get a proper grasp of what it’ll look like on me! Loved this video girl xxx

  12. I legit have the same problem with clothes, I have a similar body type to you and I just don't bother buying online anymore bc I cba sending things back 🙄🙄 longggggg

  13. Sizes are so annoying aren’t they!! So glad you made this vid bc now I know I prob won’t buy much from the collection x

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