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I ended up in a game with Faker and didn’t even realize it. I matched up against him mid lane, lux vs azir monkaS 😟 i got clapped.
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35 Replies to “POKI VS FAKER MID LANE!”

  1. Hi, everyone! We tried uploading this video yesterday, but ran into some problems shortly after it went live and had to re-upload. Sorry if you're seeing this for a second time, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!
    Also, I didn't know it was faker at the time but found out after :O

  2. I don’t think that’s faker bcuz faker tag name is hide on bush and secondly, the way he play totally doesn’t seems like faker.

  3. That is not faker, you mean to tell me faker dodge ablity from pro players like double left but not from poki thats not faker!!!! Nice clickbait tho just faker name alone got you amlost 7 mill views

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