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A full preview of the completely re-written Portal 2 Mod for MCPE 0.12

Some new features are:
– New UI for the Portal Gun
– New UI for the Portal Information item
– Portal Gun and Gravity Gun can pick up blocks
– Defective turrets
– Cube and Companion cube
– Some new sounds
– Sounds volume based on the distance from the source
– Better Jukebox
– Better Jumper (Aerial Faith Plate)
– Better radio
– Better Repulsion gel (now it also makes your jump more powerful)

Get the mod here (not yet updated):


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44 Replies to “Portal 2 Mod – 0.12 mod update preview – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)”

  1. iPhone? Please? This is the best portal mod I’ve seen on bedrock. Pls import your mod app to iPhone if possible,

  2. bro u could make a actual mine craft portal out of that. ik other people have done so but I think ur improvise is special (in a good way)

  3. I wish I could get. This mod because in on iOS can I please get a like I never got a mod I tried download mc for pc it did not work so i never experienced a mod 🙁

  4. please make a 1.13 version i cant switch to 1.12 i just cant theres not a version for 1.12 in my versions list

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