28 Replies to “Predicting the Premier League 2019/20 Champions and Top Four! | The Debate | O’Shea & Lescott”

  1. Why call it Debate .All they do is agree,never seen or heard an argument once .Should change the name of the show to “Watch with mother”

  2. In comparison to Man City, Liverpool's only weakness is in central midfield. Henderson, Wijnaldum & Milner will work their socks off, be industrious and do an amazing job over a 38 game season. But, they have nowhere near the individual talent of De Bruyne, the two Silvas, Gundogan & Fernandinho. Until Liverpool strengthen their central midfield and their bench, I only see City retaining the title again.

  3. I'm predicting
    1. Manchester City
    2. Manchester United
    3. Liverpool
    4. Tottenham Hotspur
    5. Arsenal
    6. Chelsea
    7. Wolverhampton Wonderers
    8. Leicester City
    9. Everton
    10. Crystal Palace
    11. Watford
    12. Newcastle
    13. West ham
    14. Bournemouth
    15. Southampton
    16. Aston Villa
    17. Brighton
    18. Burnley
    19. Sheffield United
    20. Norwich

  4. Removing goal difference is stupid because now when relegation battling teams are loosing 3-0 to a top half team, they will give up and 4+ and bringing on new players for a run around instead of playing for the reduce goal difference.
    Goals now irrelevant.
    Another element of the game has BV died.

  5. Lescott – not leicester but everton and wolves coincidentally the 2 teams hes played for haha leicester have got a better squad than everton imo

  6. I am a Liverpool fan, and whilst i think Liverpool would be chasing City all the way again. I also think City have too much quality in-depth to last the season, while Liverpool never improved anything and are doing a Spurs and relying on the squad from last season to repeat it. I think fatigue and burn out will play a role in Liverpool not doing it again this time round. Its just too much to ask for the same players to try it without having much back up to replace them for the odd game here and there to let them rest.

  7. All that sky TV money and end up with them two… Some very strong opinions pointing out the obvious. Should be done for stealing a living

  8. Arsenal finished 1 point behind spurs and 2 behind Chelsea. Chelsea has lost hazard. How many points did he get them last season?
    Arsenal have strengthened as have spurs.
    So it has to be spurs or arsenal finishing in the top 4. United are weaker now as they have a bang average attack. So they aren’t going to get top 4.

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