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Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower 41054 from Lego’s Disney Princess range is all sweetness and charm. The entire set is beautifully ‘fairytale’ in appearance, and being able to whack Flynn with the frying pan (included) whenever necessary is very satisfying. Rapunzel the minidoll, however, doesn’t have her trademark long hair, so how on earth is she going to tie him to the chair? The set doesn’t even come with any convenient rope. That aside, it is a beautiful set with lots of charming detail. I speed up the build and slow down the interesting bits. 😉

Help Rapunzel paint the walls, bake cookies or capture Flynn Rider in her enchanted tower!

Rapunzel has been locked in the tower with only Pascal the chameleon for company. That’s why this princess, with her famous long hair, has become extra creative. Help them as they spend their days painting on the walls and baking cookies in the kitchen. Brush her lovely hair and decorate it with the pretty bows. When Flynn Rider breaks in with the stolen tiara, Rapunzel has to bash him with the frying pan and tie him to the chair. Join the pair on their adventures with each other! Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, plus Pascal the chameleon.

Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, plus Pascal the chameleon
Features hidden stairs, attic, large window, fireplace, mirror, chair and a flower decoration
Also includes a small separate kitchen
Accessories include Rapunzel’s hair brush and bows, book, chocolate chip cookies, paint brush and palette, chest with extra paint, frying pan, tiara and a bottle
Play hide and seek with Rapunzel and Pascal the chameleon
Bake chocolate chip cookies with Rapunzel
Pretend to comb her long hair with the brush and decorate it with bows in front of the mirror
Paint beautiful images on the walls with the brush and palette
Reveal the hidden stairs for Flynn Rider to access the tower
Pretend to help Rapunzel tie Flynn Rider up in the chair and go after him with the frying pan!

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  1. 😂 I’m back here again a year later. It’s now been 4 years since I started watching you and I knew you’d get a million subs this year and I’m so proud of you. I’m starting to get older now so I’ve moved on to other things but these videos still and always will excite me 💕

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