38 Replies to “Rare Vintage 2003 Pokemon Deck Collection!!”

  1. I'm more like card collector rather than player who build decks, but must say that there are plenty cards in your deck i would love to add to my missing card collection!!

  2. There a lot of reprints with Celestial Storm and block 2 of pokemon TCG. Did you happen to notice that? They even reprinted Tyranitar from Neo Destiny.

  3. Such an awesome video, I was far too young to really get into competitive at this time so it's really cool seeing these old meta decks

  4. Question: i have a Lot of pokemon cards from the "older" generations like Pearl and diamond but they are in German ( cuz im German 😂) does anybody know what to do with them??😂😂👌

  5. Oh god this is a trip into my childhood

    I'm so sad my parents tossed a lot of my old cards when we moved I am so jealous

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