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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of AeroMexico’s 787-8 in Business Class from London Heathrow (LHR) to Mexico City (MEX) on AM8 featuring their Business Class cabin as well as Economy, Service, Food and Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 4.

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  2. If you are going to "review" a plane.. you might wanna measure the seats / legroom, as this is the main point of watching a cabin review.

  3. I booked the same seats per your suggestion. I am on a 787-9 one way but on the 787-8 on the way back and we booked that same seat. Looking forward to the flight! Thanks and Cheers!

  4. When you shoot your video on Heathrow airport in behind a tv telecasting Immanuel Macron and my thought are like. "Oh…two cute and nice people in one place😉😁"

  5. Flew this airline from lax to Rio and on the way home they robbed my suitcase of my flip flops and all of my presents for my friends and family.

  6. Informative review as always by your unique way of delivering. I must say I was surprise to see the IFE was installed in a huge grey box. I am sure it was because of the seating configuration. By the way, I noticed you are frequently donning a hoodie when you are about to depart from cold climate country (it may have become your signature boarding garment). I was surprise hearing you had a girlfriend though – unexpected. Cheers mate!

  7. Good to know I’m getting on a safe flight ✈️ I’m going to Mexico and I haven’t been on Aeromexico but good to know it’s safe

  8. Hi Josh, I'm Mexican and Aeromexico is the best Airline, hope you really enjoy your holidays, there are a lot of places to visit here in México ❤ any tips u want just let me know 👌🏻

  9. I really like your video about AeroMexico, thnx for choose the airline and you’re so welcome to Mexico on your next trip!

  10. On my first (of many) flights with Aeromexico, I sit down and notice something sticky on my seat. Look behind me and this huge wad of gum that was on the seat attached itself to my shirt.

    Flew Interjet the next time . . .

  11. Would highly suggest trying the 787-9 of AM, much better seat and even a real bar onboard unlike the 787-8. However service on both flights I was on was really not great at all. Actually it was even worse onground.. Not sure I would fly them again but thanks for your review. Interesting to compare as I was sat in the exact same seat.

  12. Interesting review, Josh and good to know about Aeromexico’s 787 service. I did find it odd that the FA crew did not once engage with you with any real type of hospitality at all and did not interact. The coldness came through in a big way-not good especially for a long flight.

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