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The things So-Min does to win..!

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38 Replies to “[Running Man] Ep 368_So-Min tears plastic wrap frame”

  1. Can't blame the other lady tho. U can see her makeup is thick enough to imprint on the plastic wrap. If she really break the wrap. It probably take her makeup away.

  2. The thing is so min does things naturally in her own style…she's humble…I don't get until now why would anyone hate her.Let me guess,you just like ji hyo so much you're not giving anyone else a chance then you're wrong.If her actions make you annoyed,then just focus on your can't expect everyone to be the same especially when there are so may other korean girls are way worse and more overreacting(so min isn't actually)…stop hate pls x 🙂

  3. The first time she joined rm, i was like oh no she's gonna steal jihyo's moment, but now i realize that she has her own "thing" and i'm completely ok with it, and i even like her more now

  4. Somin is the best 🤣🤣 Sunghoon laugh so hard , "She is very unique" 😍😍
    Baek Jiyoung you can do it.

    Sorry my english not very well.

  5. hahhahahha I can't believe that I found Lord Voldemort come alive here in running man at 0:50 part … so min is so funny… i really like that part of her

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