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What it’s like at the Sapporo Beer Museum in Hokkaido, Japan: trying samples of beer, retro Japanese adverts & posters & the genghis khan buffet restaurant.

The Sapporo Beer factory was the first brewery in Hokkaido. You can get there by bus or you can walk from central Sapporo (about half an hour). We walked through the snow (in February!) and did the free tour of the museum. There’s also a premium factory tour, where you can see the manufacturing line and watch a film. The best part is the tasting hall where you get free samples on the premium tour, or you can buy a tasting set of Sapporo beers to try (original Kaitakushi beer, classic and Sapporo Black). There’s also a buffet restaurant on-site, with all-you-can-eat genghis khan (a Hokkaido specialty) and all-you-can-drink “nomihodai” plans.

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26 Replies to “Sapporo Beer Museum – Hokkaido, Japan”

  1. Thank's for the inspiration, i went to and tried that Sapporo beer – and it was dilicious 👌🍺

  2. Loved this video as I enjoy a beer . Not sure if Phil knows this but the owners of asahi the Japanese brewing company took over fullers who brew London pride a couple yrs back I think . I know the Japanese own a few large whiskey distillery’s in Scotland now . Japan love their alcohol lol Thanks for a great video as always 👍

  3. Hello Amy, great content. Did you notice any Sapporo tap handles that look like a samurai sword either on the taps or for sale there? I have been trying to get one for a while.

  4. ..Orion Beer?..
    ..For me Sapporo Beer has a mild flavor, kind of tastes like San Miguel beer. Asahi Beer has a bit of strong flavor but still good. I wonder how Kirin Beer tastes like?
    ..It would be nice to have a sticker collection of Sapporo's logos throughout the years.

  5. Note to Tourist, Sapporo Beer Museum is not a working Brewery, it is just a Museum and beer garden. I was so disappointed, I been to major working breweries all over the world, at least the museum was free, but not much there.

  6. Hi we can get Orion in Melbourne at our ramen shop in Fitzroy and Preston. I’ve been to Okinawa 3 times so I know and love Orion.

  7. Very cold oh my god I'm glad I've only been there during summer times. Jingisukan is called that because it is made with lamb that's what we've always known it as. Though maybe there are other ideas of why it's called that.
    Also how is your language learning coming along?

  8. Industrial production or products is so much more fascinating than the home way. Like if you've ever seen homemade ice cream production vs seeing the industrial production method its just facinating seeing the process on a mass scale.

  9. Love your channel! Been binge watching your videos ever since our firs trip to Japan. Very informative and enjoyable to watch☺️ Keep up the good work!

  10. Hallo.

    It is very nice building !
    I like a brick and wood.

    So, I like Hakodate, Otaru, and Sapporo.

    If not Hokkaido, I love Tokyo station very much !
    It is my favorite red brick building in Japan.
    And, also It is national important heritage.

    Someday, I would like to stay at the Tokyo station hotel.

    I'm looking forward to watch your next video !

    Please have fun !

  11. Japanese beer is a bit different from American and European beer due to the ingredients! In addition to the usual, barley, hops, Japanese beer has rice, corn, etc. in it!

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