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Singapore to KL! We chose to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by bus – an easy ride overland. The trip required us to pass thru Malaysia immigration at the Singapore-Malaysia border. In this video, see how to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in style and comfort with Transtar Solitaire. Included are multiple rest stops, Asian breakfast, and the Malaysian countryside.

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The original video is in English, this is an automatic translation to help you watch in your own language. There are subtitles as well, you can activate them at the bottom of the screen.

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Short answer: I am a Brazilian journalist living in the United States. After traveling the world working with sports, news, and events for over 15 years, I realized that what I really love is the travel part of it all. So I exchanged the life in the newsrooms and stadiums for the daily challenge of being an independent content producer. I created this channel to share the beauties of the world… stuff that for so long I only kept to myself. Also to help people planning similar trips and to inspire more people to venture out and enjoy life!

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P.S.: The guy who occasionally appears in the vlogs is my husband, Gordon. He is Canadian-American and is extremely camera shy, that’s why he’s behind the camera most of the time 😉



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50 Replies to “Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by bus + Malaysia immigration: ALL DETAILS”

  1. سلام ..
    انا بحاجة لمثل هاته الفيديوهات الي بالانجليزية وعليها ترجمة عربي …
    ياريت الي يعرف قناة تنزل هاذ النوعية يفيدني بيها …

  2. We too visited Malaysia two months back
    .July 2019…very very nice country and extremely friendly Malaysian citizens…So much to see and explore…very very affordable …and with limited and few US Dollars you can thoroughly enjoy the whole beautiful, lush Green Malaysia…KL, PUTRAJAYA,CYBERJAYA, LANKAVI, PENANG, KENTING TRIP AND MANY MORE IN A TWO WEEKS TRIP…Hotels are plenty and very very economical… Transport facilities no chance
    .. plenty of options…so much developed…every mode of transport is available without much hassle… Highways are worth mentioning here we'll laid ,maintained with plenty of greenary on either side with lot of flyovers, tunnels and rest areas all along the highways….Trains, Metro, monorail, Buses, Taxis, cabs and many more newly introduced state of art mode of transports are easily available…Food items of every part of the world is available is a major boost for Malaysia to become a major tourist hub… Downtown KL is well sorrounded by Petronas Twin Towers and we'll.connected to the entire KL and Putrajaya….Many affordable five, four and three star hotels are conveniently available and mostly throwaway distance from Petronas Towers… Malaysia is Truly Asia is not an ordinary tag line it is truly, exactly and aptly coined Tagline and lives up to the expectations of every tourist…

    Lot of huge and sprawling shopping malls with plenty of Malaysian own brands are available with many European and US brands for cheap prices…

  3. We also took Transtar and it was amazing. The bus waited for us since the Immigration process in SG took some time. I highly recommend this bus company. 👍🏼

  4. can i ask u what does "P.S" means ?
    and are there any toilets in the bus you was onboard & if not how many times they drop by for let u using restroom ?

  5. What is the hotel name and price when u reached Kuala Lumpur.. I can see veri big windows with popular attraction outside.. Also how much was the rent for per day?

  6. ha ha🤣 last 30yrs ago. by midnight train to Singapora^^ n after 6~7yrs ago anymore. indo-china area in singapore board to kl- railway st in Malay by express Bus.too🤣😪 butterworth? Aloestar? Hattyai-thailand board to Surattani kosamui kopangan to Bangkok^^ dirty -bkk 😥🤔 n now? Only east-europ was🎶🎼🎻🎸👍 malaysian english was great👍👍 happy trip to U^^

  7. Been in SG last weekend with my family. Singapore has an amazing view. But living in SG is far different from living in Kuala Lumpur. Because it is more relax and cheaper in KL. By the way, We are an expats in KL. Hehe

  8. Big thanks to Reneta. What isthe coach company name from SINGAPORE TO KL. It look so comfortable indeed. I need to recommend for my parents. Tgeir are old. This bus look good for them. Have a wonderful time in Malaysia.. Have a very safe journey too. Dont forget must visesome island. There are beautiful.. Tioman. Redang, or langkawi Island..

  9. Thank you for your video which really interested & helpful for my future trip by road from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. From Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong can we travel by bus via Vietnam?

  10. Individual seats a la business class! I've yet to experience a charter bus THAT nice anywhere in the world! Sorry if I missed it, but by chance do you have a link to the airbnb there? 🙂

  11. Ahhhhh…. was just looking into taking a bus from Singapore to KL and you already did it and showed that it was easy! Thank you Renata!

  12. Hi Guys. Need your support to subscribe to my channel. I just started my YouTube for travelling. Appreciate so much for your support. Thank you

  13. Its the 2nd Link Malaysia Checkpoint. Much easier…not too busy n its biult for the tourist from Tuas…if the bus takes you by using The Causeway, then you can see and face the modern and busiest malaysia immigration checkpoint…

    Congratulation… its a very nice video

  14. hi miss pereira, thumbs up for all your travel vlog about malaysia, hope in the future you can also do vlog at other part of malaysia (the borneo) in the east malaysia

  15. The Transbus services feel good, will try that when I make a trip from Singapore to KL. Btw, love all your vlogs, love how loving you and Gordon are. The best thing in life is to have a life partner who travels with you. I must say you are one lucky woman. Hit me up when you both are in Singapore again, will be glad to show you around…

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