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Hello its me LIANNE😎 And today i received my package from Lazada

Shop: Topshowvie (idk)
Price: 202 pesos (without shipping fee)
10 pcs😜 Its soo nice i luv it i recommend this so much the scent of this is so common but still sooo good🥳 and it also comes with a nice packaging and each of them are packed in clear baggy😍 i love it even though they sent me so many duplicates lol🔥

Sorry i dont open it in front of u lolz🥳🤩 im too excited eh☺️

I lost my intro I accidentally delete it (grrr)


Expect some more squishy reviews🙃

I use INSHOT to edit my videos its really nice like it😇

Welp its not sponsored (well im a noob so💨)



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One Reply to “Squishy Package from Lazada👌😍”

  1. the flower donuts , hello kitty heads and the 4 butterflies had a rubbery stuff but still squishy at the back thats why im showing u the back to see wats in there #welpapocalypsesoon

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