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Throw a party anytime, anywhere, with anyone in Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch! Compete in 80 minigames and play with friends online and in all-new ways!

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26 Replies to “Super Mario Party – Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. Cars is better then bord games this should had three modes the mini games are good but this sucks mario party 10 better

  2. Ich besitze das Spiel und habe schon den Pfad der Prüfungen freigeschaltet. Wie soll der Boss von Welt 5 gehen? Ich sitze schon seit ungefähr 3 Tagen an der Herausforderung und komme nicht weiter. Kann mir jemand bitte helfen? Ich kann diesen Juwel einfach nicht bekommen…

  3. This was by far the worst one. Bring back these new graphics but with Mario Party 3 style play. These new maps dragged on and only 4? Come on. This was rushed.

  4. Nintendo I would like to say this looks good but I was expecting bigger maps and more turns and the same dice block that went from 1 to 10

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