36 Replies to “Taylor Swift – “Lover” TRACK REVIEW”

  1. So far I really LOVE the song lover and you need to calm down
    But yea I wasnt feeling archer or me!
    I’m excited to hear some of the others
    For most artists I don’t tend to LOVE all their songs, it’s very rare…I love this era!! I’m really excited for more!!!

  2. When you classify one of the most recognized songwriters Ed Sheeran's vastly eclectic album as trash but praise a TAYLOR SWIFT song you maybe have to reconsiderate your profession

  3. I’m totally with you. I didn’t really like her first two singles and I was even going into this album with low expectations, but then this single released and the album dropped and I was very surprised by how wonderful the album was.

  4. This girl needs so much therapy. She's going to be 30 and her writing is like a third grader who has been held back four times. Her new found activism is amusing and exploitative.

  5. Me is horrible. You need to calm down is so childish it hurts. The other one feels like it's going somewhere, but totally just doesn't…also, this song is obviously 6/8 not 3/4 unsubbed

  6. I think it's the best of the album so far but the production was really not to my tastes. It seems like they were afraid that it sounded "too country" so they just cranked up the reverb to 11.

  7. Taylor Swift performed "The Archer" for the first time at the Lover’s Lounge. Today is an exciting day for Taylor Swift fans, and everything we’re being treated to is the first live performance of the song “The Archer.”

  8. With a 17 track album there’s bound to be some shit that shouldn’t have made it passed the cutting room floor. I just don’t know why she released that shit as her first 2 singles. However this song is great.

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