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Unboxing of an ultra light weight, ultra cheap gamepad that has a mouse function for touch input as well, should be perfect for VR
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A $10 Controller!

As always if you are new here, basically when a package arrives I unbox it, show its content and give first impressions, and usually after a week I would review the product in a separate video talking about its pros and cons and how good it is

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31 Replies to “Terios T3 + Bluetooth Android VR Gamepad Controller | Unboxing”

  1. Hi dude I just buyed a Gen game s3 and a bracket. Should I leave the bracket on the controller for ever or it will break? I ask because the strength makes me think that the bracket will break

  2. does this Bluetooth wireless game controller works on R.C.A voyager 3 tablet it has Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 6.0

  3. I bought one of these, it picked up at first, but after two hours when I was loading it stopped working, what will that be?

  4. please, translate in google :). Eu comprei o mesmo na GearBest, e gostaria de saber se vem com o carregador para o controle, estou na dúvida pra saber se é pilha ou bateria ( recarregável )

  5. any one have any info on this working/How to guild on windows 7 64bit….win 8.1 n 10 pick it up without paring howevea windows7 asks for a pass key…ps it works amazing well on my S4

  6. friend i play with this game pad 1 hour may after she dosnt work i press
    home boutton but noting no flash nothing it try to charge it with my pc
    but she can't work

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