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This is the Best Bluetooth Controller you could get your hands on, its just amazing how good it is and for how much it costs!
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It’s perfect for VR, Android Gaming & For Controlling your Android TV Box!

It has tons of functions that can be easily accessed, hassle free and very user friendly

Totally Recommend it! It is a must get!

There are reports of the R2/L2 Buttons not working, my R2 is not working sadly but still great for what it is


The Unboxing:

Difference Between T3S & T3+:
/How To Switch Modes

T3 – Select & start button horizontally oriented, standard d-pad, access different modes via holding Home while pressing X,Y,A, or B
T3+ – Select & start button vertically oriented, D-pad is convex shaped, access different modes by simply pressing Home

-Credit: Jason Ellison
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45 Replies to “Terios T3 + | The Best Bluetooth Controller For VR | Review”

  1. What if i use this for purposes other than playing games? Controlling a robot or stuff…
    (you also speaks fast, just lịke me)

  2. So i have bought this gamepad but the t3 version and i some problems with it, first that if i use this gamepad to play ppsspp then the frame rate drop significantly, i don't why this occurred cuz other game and emulator run fine, second is the analog sensitivity, after a month of using it and by using and mean not much, i mostly play 2d game so i don't use the analogs that much, so the problem is that the right direction of the left analog have a big deadzone problem, if i slightly move the analog like 1mm to the right then it's recognize it at a movement, it not a deal breaker or anything but it's just annoying, hope u can help me fix these problems and also sorry for bad English

  3. when i hold mine for the 5 seonds to pair it turns of and i have to hold mine to turn it on its the evo vr gamepad if anyone knows how to set it up

  4. Does it feel more good in hand then xbox,ps3,moga controllers and ipega please answer .I have ordered it from a site and i am very confused that it will be the best i can get or not

  5. You need to be very careful. If you buy these from eBay or a Chinese website, the sellers tend to send you the wrong ones. Then they say it's similar that you shouldn't have a problem. Well it's not similar, the damn bluetooth does not work and its not compatible with multiple devices. The one they sent me is only compatible with PS3 and PC when you use the USB cord. It made me mad because I have seen reviews and I have seen that this specific Bluetooth controller does work with everything. I feel like these damn sellers knew what they were doing and they just didn't give a shit. They are ruining things for real sellers that bust their ass to get things right.

  6. Excellent review. You got a lot of info in, made understanding the modes easy (especially since the manual has broken English), and didn't waste my time.

  7. Oh man, look it's just for 8.35 $ with coupon code: T3Portugues
    I bought one!

  8. i have terios gamepad can connect with my lg g3 stylus but cant used. the mouse just can pressed X and B but the mouse keep to right , r1 r2 to down. when i test on my another phone it works well not like my lg g3 stylus.did my lg g3 stylus having eror problem?

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