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In this video, Jenkins talks about how to play the latest edgy build pro players are doing with 5 role support Abaddon to carry professional matches/games.

People always ask: how do I carry the game as a support? Here’s your answer boys. There are very few ways to counter this strat.

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49 Replies to “The Easiest Way to Win With ABADDON | Official Guide for Patch 7.21d”

  1. I'm confused, 0:43 "level 10 movement speed so you can get into fights", 0:53 "not useful, you dont wanna run into fights", eh?

  2. I'm so excited to play this hero for the first time! It's seems like for perfect hero for what I want to work on

  3. This is the worst guide for abby ive ever seen do not play this build lmfao this build essentially makes his passive silencing skill useless.

  4. Pos 5 abaddon is trash. You may as well play Oracle. It does everything abaddon does but much better. With abaddon your Curse of Avernus and your ult become completely useless and you're just 2 spell creep who's best trick is a strong dispell.
    Pos 3 or maybe 4 is the only way to play abaddon.

  5. my built is rush traquil boots and max mist coil asap. then spam the living crap of it to enemy. wins like 80% of the time.

  6. i really like abbadon as a support…. locket+greaves+75heal talent+cooldown reduction+aoe mistcoil

    but seroiusly they need to give abbadon nice updates

  7. The best way is to make him loose his positioning then abbandon who's having low da
    Health thanks to mist coil can be killed easily.but again depends who's on the other side .
    Plus viper is a good anti pick he may harass but vipers passive is just annoying forcing him to leave r die far too constantly.and also his break stops 400 up mark borrowed time so it's a matter of killing Abba quickly with viperstroke before he can do late Abba as a support will only b a pick off against viper.

  8. Jenkins, Donnie, I have a question, is Aba good as a 3rd? Appearance wise, he looks like a Nazgul that should be fighting in the front lines.

  9. ty for guide it worked for me -in 2 days ive won 10 games and lost 0 here is screenshot i was not abaddon player and havent played him much as support except few games .

  10. you should talk about counters and when aba is best/wors draft wise same with the other hero guides, good stuff to keep tracl of the mets ty.

  11. I really love this channel but I wish you would make some longer videos, some longer analysis or more in depth expalanations on heroes and strategies.

  12. to be honest. i clicked not because i want to win with abbadon. i just need to know how the fuck do we hard counter him in lane ffs this hero is so damn OP as pos 5 if played him right.

  13. Very informational. Could you do a video on Oracle, since its the hot pos 5 right now? Thnks for the good content!

  14. It depends. I played with Abbadon yesterday but I would rush in. Wrecked Medusa. Just spirit vessel was my only item lol. If she doesn't try to kill me she gets silenced and everybody gets 100atk speed on her. Even if she doesn't try to hit me her split arrow do heal me(on Borrowed Time) that's a minus 1 target already for medusa and my spirit vessel kept ticking her down. Then just spam my heal and Shield on everyone. She was farmed. By around 22 min. She had a MoM and Eye of Skaddi. She was even trash talking cause we couldn't catch her and "we were just letting her free farm". Till that big team fight happened in our tier 2. The Game went on for 56mins cause you know it's still medusa. But she was so annoyed at me. 😂

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