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SURVIVAL IS YOUR ONLY GOAL, AND DEATH YOUR ONLY END. MAKE YOUR OWN SURVIVAL STORY WITH EVERY GAME. Deep, brutal, and hauntingly atmospheric, The Long Dark is a survival game done right. With over 350 hours of gameplay thus far, I can honestly say this game is awesome and the story mode was great too. Very tranquil and yet nerve wracking with wolves at your heel. The long-in-the-making story mode was worth the wait. And with an eventual total of five episodes each looking to last between seven and ten hours, it looks like it may well prove a truly epic survival experience. For the impatient, single-player gamer, The Long Dark holds little promise. However, if you relish the challenge of isolation and the feeling that you’re fighting against an environment that isn’t trying to kill you, but rather just doesn’t care about you, then you must try The Long Dark.


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