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It’s our final day here in Saigon and we’re going out with a bang! WE’re on a mission to try some delicious Vietnamese street food and see one of the most epic views of the city from the Bitexco Tower 😍🇻🇳

Places we visited in this video:

Street food stall:

The Workshop Coffee:

Bitexco Tower:


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36 Replies to “The PERFECT Day in SAIGON! –  Incredible Street Food, Epic Views & More! (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)”

  1. Wish you both the best, love your videos. But I’ll pass on Vietnam, there is nothing amazing about Vietnam.
    I’ve been there. 1966 thru 1968.
    Made many friends, lost many friends.

  2. Some gigantic fat person probably say on that chair before u got there. Don't u pay before u eat so they can't charge u whatever they want ?

  3. Just seen your channel and even happier to see you’ve been to my home country Vietnam 🇻🇳. Hope you love & enjoy things there. Ae VN nào ở đây k:).

  4. the shredded strips are just pork rhines & the dipping sauce is diluted fish sauce with sugar, garlic, hot chili pepper…njoy!

  5. Awesome video review, enjoy watching your video clip, also subscribed to your channel….by the way, thanks for visiting VietNam 🙂

  6. LOL, these 2 are very sweet! Very funny, in the good sense, being that they have no idea about any of the food I grew up with. Great Video.

  7. Hello there, I'm going to Vietnam in Feb 2020! I love your vids, you 2 are so sweet! I wanna stay connected when I'm over there and my UK phone plan what's loads of money for data. Any advice ? I was thinking maybes getting a Sim card there. I was going to preload my Google maps … I hate being lost. What's your best advice

  8. You know this is pretty nice your explanation tells a lot of people about this country most of us only know from the war my brother-in-law my cousin at that point nothing nothing good was told about this country good on you mate

  9. great video and the month I have been here in HCMC I have not been to the tower and experience that… Now I just have to find a great gal to go with me like you have…

  10. They usually put a bit of kumquat fruit in the sugar cane juice, press it together to give a hint of citrus in there. Some places even put fresh coconut, or even strawberries in sugar cane juice! All preference…Also, the broken rice dish nows a day came from whole rice. They have to ‘break’ the rice into equal parts since rice are more abundant and readily available now. They also do so to regular rice to control taste and quality of the rice to make this dish! 🙂

  11. At 10:51 it’s called shredded dried pork skin (bì) and no com tam is complete without it. Com tam is my way to go for breakfast !!!!

  12. That is not how you eat Com Tam. You are supposed to shower the whole plate with the fish sauce. You then mix everything up. Finally, you eat it. The stringy thing is pork skin. The egg thing is called "Cha". It consists of egg, pork, vermicelli noodles, and wood ear mushrooms.

  13. I get so anxious every time they try a Viet dish WITHOUT the condiment sauce. Whyyyyyy 😀 everything will be tasteless without the sauce

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