25 Replies to “The Vietnam War-Episode 12: Jungle Boots”

  1. I was issued green and black jungle boots in 96 on Paris Island, not sure ehy but the DI's collected everyones jungle boots and had them resoled with vibrams with the blue label on the sole.

  2. how do you stop the shank from squeaking, I have an early 90's pair of desert pattern jungles, dark brown pamama soles. the squeak is right under the ball of the foot. is there a fix out there in history? thanks

  3. You are right Vietnam especially in Mountains in the south just a few miles north of Sài Gòn aka today Hồ Chí Minh City my in laws live in that area and every time I go there I get caked with that sticky red clay it gets a bit better near Hue but it’s kinda bad there if you go off the main road and it’s like a sugar sand like you get in Florida but kinda more rich soil and it’s very wet then get to the a bit north of Hue and it’s like a black rich soil still with a bit of sugar sand but also a brown clay mix as well

  4. Hey few questions if I were to buy some off of eBay and I'm a size nine should I buy the size nine or get a half a size or a size bigger ? and are these boots I can wear on a daily basis like going to school and back home ?

  5. The seam on the heel goes both ways. I have a pair 9/83 that have the seam in the back of the heel by ro-search. And have seen a pair 6/67 bata with out the seam

  6. Can You recommend any brand that still make a good replica of them, now a days it’s kind of hard to find anything except Rothco? And original GI is rare in certain sizes as well.

  7. Hi , about the vertical stitching on the back : one of the first contractor to remove it was Endicott Johnson. I have a pair made by this company made in 68 without vertical stitching. All the order EJ jungle boot I have seen does not have the vertical stitching. Their boots also come with white insole instead of orange.

  8. Hello from Texas!!!😎.I love jungle boots.Born in 1968 i did not serve in the military but my father served in WW2 in the Phillipines from 1944 to 1945.I just recived a pair of Rothco boots today you can order at Walmart.com for $32 bucks and they look great.I will use them as work boots at Best Maid Pickles .Rothco started making boots in New York city in 1953 so i will test them out.So glad i found your channel.God bless you and America!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌👍🍻

  9. I’m going to have to make a video reply to this, I’ve got a few of the boots you mentioned, also I wear a 14 so I feel your pain on finding surplus boots, I bought a pair of wwii dress shoes once just because they were 14’s lol

    Also nam is my favorite historical period so I’m loving this series.

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